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Wed Oct 25 10:25:20 EDT 2006

We are evaluating open source portals and CMSs to implement a high traffic web enterprise system. We have already checked Liferay, Alfresco and others. We would like to have your feedback in the following topics.

- Can a development be started  with JBoss Portal 2.6 in its current state? What are the risks? Our first production deploy would be in February. In case this isn?t possible, what is the risk of starting with 2.4 and changing to 2.6 whenever it turns to be possible?

- We are planning to use EJBs 3.0 in the back-end running on JBoss AS. Can the front-end (JBoss Portal) run over the same version of JBoss AS?

- Can we configure JBoss Portal to run in a Farm? We don?t want any kind of overhead associated with session replication or cache sharing. We would have a load balancer with sticky sessions.

- Does JBoss offer support for JBoss Portal? Is version 2.6 supported? When would it be?

- We are required to have a Staging environment, any plan to support this? Which would be the recommended starting path? 
We have though about 2 possibilities:
	a. Having 2 database schemas in parallel, one for Staging and the other for production (read-only). At the time of publishing, and ETL would transfer the data from the staging context to production and then refresh the state in some way.
	b. Implement persistence of pages, portlet layouts, and portlet preferences to the JCR therefore having the versioning and staging facilities proper of JSR 170.

- JBoss Portal CMS support seems to be very basic. We require structured content edition and a page browser when inserting links in the WYSIWYG HTML editor. We have liked the WCM from Alfresco, is there any plan to integrate it with JBoss, when? If we choose to follow this path on our own, could you point us in the right direction?

- Our extranet users (visitors) wouldn?t manage neither portlets nor layouts. Would it be a good decision to have all of them mapped to only one user (?guest?) in JBoss Portal.

- We need to have a very fine grained control of the cache http meta-data to send appropriate cache commands to the caching servers (Squid). How could we achieve this?

- Do you have plans to support ESI (Edge Side Includes)?

- A very strong requirement for us is to have a per-portlet configurable application cache. The JSR 168 standard provides it in a per-user basis however we need it per-portlet and application wide, can JBoss Poral be configured this way or we should use an additional cache layer like OSCache. Portlet caching in JBoss is performed per-user or per-session basis? If per-user is the case, having all extranet visitors as the ?guest? JBoss Portal user would solve the problem?

- We are expecting around 40k hits per second. Is the JBoss Portal performance enough for such traffic? Do you have success cases in high traffic portals? We are planning to have 10 JBoss Portal servers in Farm for the front-end and 10 JBoss ASs in cluster for the back-end running Stateless Session Beans 3.0.

- The system has many sites (countries) with different look & feels, can JBoss Portal be configured to run the same portal (same set of pages) with different look & feels? If that is the case, can it manage a cache for each site (country)? If a small set of pages needs a different configuration (portlets in the page, layout, portlet configuration), how we should model this?

- We are thinking of using Acegi security. In some cases security constraints would imply to remove portlets from pages. How can we achieve this?

- Would you implement eBay with JBoss Portal?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

Waldemar Baraldi

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