[jboss-user] [EJB 3.0] - Re: 10,000 Recorc Per Second (In EJB 3.0)

grdzeli_kaci do-not-reply at jboss.com
Fri Apr 20 10:44:28 EDT 2007

great thx for your posts, they are so useful for me,

you are right snau2005, oci driver is more faster then thin driver but not very good for my issue, 
ok thx for your code about stored procedures, i will try it, if i could not fing any other way,

i don't want stoberd procedures and bech inserts becouse in this way i won't have transaction management on my hand,

and at last i tried to use Thread on server side, i created 10 threads and each of them tried to persist 1000 object into database, and i tried to flush after 50 records,

i wrote my thread class into server side and use it into stateless session bean, and set entittymanager class into Thread class and into run method i tryed to persist

  | public class ThreadMy extends Thread {
  | 	EntityManager entityManager;
  | 	List<UsageObject> usagesObjs;
  | 	public ThreadMy(EntityManager entityManager,
  | 			List<UsageObject> usagesObjs) {
  | 		this.usagesObjs = usagesObjs;
  | 		this.entityManager = entityManager;
  | 		this.setPriority(Thread.MAX_PRIORITY);
  | 		this.start();
  | 	}
  | 	public void run() {
  | 		try {
  | 			int count = 0;
  | 			for (int i = 0; i < usagesObjs.size(); i++) {
  | 				UsageObject usageObject = usagesObjs.get(i);
  | 				entityManager.persist(usageObject);
  | 				if (i / 50 >= 0) {
  | 					entityManager.flush();
  | 					count = 0;
  | 				}
  | 				count++;
  | 			}
  | 		} catch (Exception e) {
  | 			e.printStackTrace();
  | 		}
  | 	}
  | }

and into my stateless sessionbean i have created 10 Threads

but i got an error like this

  | 18:11:35,684 ERROR [STDERR] javax.persistence.TransactionRequiredException: EntityManager must be access within a transaction
  | 18:11:35,685 ERROR [STDERR]     at org.jboss.ejb3.entity.ManagedEntityManagerFactory.verifyInTx(ManagedEntityManagerFactory.java:149)
  | 18:11:35,685 ERROR [STDERR]     at org.jboss.ejb3.entity.TransactionScopedEntityManager.persist(TransactionScopedEntityManager.java:174)
  | 18:11:35,685 ERROR [STDERR]     at com.magti.client.test.ThreadMy.run(ThreadMy.java:81)

entityManager.persist(usageObject); //  this is ThreadMy.java:81

how i can fix it ?
can anybody tell me ?

ok and another thing, thank you also for your post oskar.carlstedt

i am not an administrator of the network and systems into my company, i don't know servers very well, am a programmer.

you thing it is more useful to use windows servers instead of solaris servers ?
i thik if operation system is well configured, i think solaris is enough for my program and for this task.

it is not right way that i requst my company to bye this servers which you tell me (Compac D180 or Dell Server) for my program,

and what you say about best insert performance, i 100 % agree with you,
i want good design and high performance together :) ;), maybe it is impossible, but i want try all ways, after all maybe is use comma separated files and stored procedures,

PS ..
of course i turn off auto commit into my java program,


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