[jboss-user] [JBossCache] - Re: NPE occuring in OptimisticNodeInterceptor in 1.4.1SP3

Benbo do-not-reply at jboss.com
Tue Apr 24 10:36:44 EDT 2007

Some new facts:

1)Trying the BETA release of JBossCache results in the same error.

2) If I try to persist an object with just strings and ints (i.e. no collections) then this configuration works. However, trying to persist an object with a collection is what is causing the error. The hbm file of the object I'm trying to persist is:

  | <hibernate-mapping package="com.qxlva.mm.dispensing.loadtest.model">
  |     <class name="ManagerDetails" table="MANAGER_DETAILS" dynamic-update="true" dynamic-insert="true">
  |         <id name="iid" column="MANAGER_DETAILS_IID" type="long">
  |             <generator class="seqhilo">
  |                 <param name="sequence">MANAGER_DETAILS_SEQUENCE</param>
  |                 <param name="max_lo">10</param>
  |             </generator>
  |         </
  |         <property name="monitorChannelDetails" type="string" length="1000"/>
  |         <property name="testReady" type="boolean"/>
  |         <property name="testInitialised" type="boolean"/>
  |         <property name="testRunning" type="
  |         <set name="certificates" cascade="all-delete-orphan" lazy="false" outer-join="false">
  |             <key column="MANAGER_DETAILS_IID"/>
  |             <one-to-many class="com.qxlva.mm.dispensing.loadtest.model.CertificateCredentials"/>
  |         </
  |     </class>
  | </hibernate-mapping>

and the object that hangs off it contains no collections:

<hibernate-mapping package="com.qxlva.mm.dispensing.loadtest.model">
  |     <class name="CertificateCredentials" table="CERTIFICATE_CREDENTIALS" lazy="false">
  |         <id name="iid" type="long" column="CERTIFICATE_CREDENTIALS_IID">
  |             <generator class="seqhilo">
  |                 <param name="sequence">CERT_CRED_SEQUENCE</param>
  |                 <param name="max_lo">5000</param>
  |             </generator>
  |         </id>
  |         <property name="filename" type="string" column="FILENAME"/>
  |         <property name="keystoreType" type="string" column="KEYSTORE_TYPE"/>
  |         <property name="password" type="string" column="PASSWORD"/>
  |         <property name="username" type="string" column="USERNAME"/>
  |         <property name="inUse" type="boolean" column="IN_USE"/>
  |         <property name="ssoToken" type="string" column="SSO_TOKEN"/>
  |         <property name="ssoTokenExpiryTime" type="org.joda.time.contrib.hibernate.PersistentDateTime"
  |                   column="SSO_TOKEN_EXPIRY_TIME"/>
  |     </class>
  | </hibernate-mapping>

As I say, I can successfully persist a CertificateCredential with thie treecache.xml and hibernate.cfg.xml files supplied. However as soon as I try to persist a ManagerDetails which has a collection of CertificateCredentials, the NPE is thrown.

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