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sherkan777 do-not-reply at jboss.com
Thu Jan 4 06:04:32 EST 2007

Hi Gavin,
can U answer for my questions abous Seam IceFaces?

I have Seam app and sometimes when I clicking on action links got error "User session expired", but session not expireds. First I thougth this is my code problem but I made simple app, like this.

  | Main Page
  | <s:link value="ONE" action="#{homeAction.testOne}"/>			
  | <s:link value="TWO" action="#{homeAction.testTwo}"/>
  | <br/>
  | <ice:form>
  | 	<ice:panelGrid styleClass="contentLayoutGridStyle" columns="1" border="0">			
  |         <ice:panelTabSet tabPlacement="top" styleClass="componentPanelTabSetLayout">	    				     
  |          <ice:panelTab label="Panel A">AAA</ice:panelTab>
  |          <ice:panelTab label="Panel B">BBB</ice:panelTab>
  |          <ice:panelTab label="Panel C">CCC</ice:panelTab>	
  |         <ice:panelTab label="Panel D">DDD</ice:panelTab>	
  |         </ice:panelTabSet>      		        
  | </ice:panelGrid>
  | </ice:form>

and stateful bean,

  | @Stateful
  | @Name("homeAction")
  | @Scope(ScopeType.SESSION)
  | public class HomeAction implements HomeConsole {
  | 	public HomeAction() {}
  | 	@PersistenceContext
  | 	private EntityManager em;
  | 	@SuppressWarnings("unchecked")
  | 	public String testOne() {
  | 		System.out.println("TestONE");
  | 		try {
  | 			Query questionsListQuery = em.createQuery("FROM Category c");
  | 			List<Category> questionsListSize = questionsListQuery.getResultList();
  | 			System.out.println("Query Size:"  + questionsListSize.size());
  | 		}
  | 		catch(EJBException e) { e.printStackTrace(); }
  | 		return "/home.xhtml";
  | 	}
  | 	public String testTwo() {
  | 		System.out.println("TestTWO");
  | 		return "/home.xhtml";
  | 	}
  | 	@Destroy @Remove
  | 	public void destroy() { System.out.println("homeAction - destroy"); }	
  | }

when I clicking link like testOne,testTwo,...etc. sometimes maybe after 5-15 click-times and GO TO SWITCH TAB this error is thrown again!
this is happen to when have those links and ice:dataTable connected to dataPaginator and try to switch page in paginator.
Question is why? There's no source error. (I think)
When I removed try {} block from testOne() and leaved ony system.out... (thought "user eror.." is thrown, by db) problem is not resoled.

Test III
I added those source code to your's booking-example (seam-icefaces app), to main page,
error is still thrown. 
Can U tell me what I do wrong, and how to resolve it?
In some post here on forum U said that seam/Icefaces apps need SeamVariableResolver to work clear.
Can U tel me why, and why those SeamVariableResolver isnt' in Seam-Booking faces-config.xml?


P.S. Can anyone check those simple example by clicking few times link and  switch tab, or maybe this is only my problem.

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