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Thu Jan 4 17:06:35 EST 2007

Several suggestions listed below.

Using jboss-seam-CVS.20070102.zip, jems-installer-1.2.0.CR1.jar and JBossIDE-2.0.0.Beta2-Bundle-win32.zip.

Following seam_reference.pdf Chapter 2. Getting started with Seam using seam-gen.

In 2.1 it says "add your JBoss installation to the JBoss Server View".

There are two choices, JBoss / JBoss v4.0 and JBoss Inc / JBoss AS 4.0.

Suggestion 1)

Would be nice if documentation says which to use.

I pick JBoss Inc / JBoss AS 4.0.

In 2.2 it says "add the project using New -> Project... -> Java Project."  The leads to a problem for me.  (Some error message about a directory.)

So I try "New -> Project... -> Java Project for Existing Ant Buildfile".  That almost works.

Suggestion 2)

If correct, please say "New -> Project... -> Java Project for Existing Ant Buildfile".

There is still a problem.  In build.xml (the last delete task in target "clean") ... myproject/exploded-archives/myproject.jar not found.  The problem persists through attempts to build and clean.

When I run ant from the command line I get som success.  It deploys.

The root cause appears in target "clean" the last delete with the fileset not finding the dir of the fileset.

Suggestion 3)

In target name="clean" for the last delete add a failonerror="no".

Still more problems... I find out things are done differently within versus outside Eclipse.

So when I run ant outside Eclipse it deploys (by target "deploy") a file myproject.ear, when I run ant inside Eclipse it deploys (by target "explode") a directory myproject.ear.

In target "unexplode" the delete of ear.deploy.dir fails if it encounters the file.

My workaround hopefully will be to clean or undeploy or unexplode with ant from outside Eclipse if I deployed (or exploded) from outside Eclipse, and from inside if from inside.

Suggestion 4)

Document that command line and Eclipse deployment don't mix.  Reason:  One uses archive files, the other uses exploded directories, which makes Ant tasks choke if they collide.  Workaround:  Must undeploy one (command line or Eclipse) before deploying the other.  After deploy must undeploy, after explode must unexplode.

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