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Fri Jan 5 09:45:44 EST 2007

Just a bit more on this discussion - mainly in response to the following:

"norman.richards at jboss.com" wrote : Portal does solve some big issues.  jboss.org runs on portal, and I couldn't imagine trying to do something with that scope by building up all the components in Seam.  There are too many moving pieces, developed by different teams that need to come together.  Things like that really need advanced infrastructure, and I really don't think *I* would want to write that.

Big issues - what big issues does the Portal solve?  There are many technologies suitable for building up large web sites - using a system that's primary feature is support for JSR 168 API's wouldn't be my first choice for building a 'large site' - I don't really count the CMS component of the portal as a serious component (partly because the API's, behavior, and schema seem to be a moving target between point releases).  It doesn't bother me, because I think the 'Seam way' is much better than trying to map my features onto portlet API's, however, I should point out that your statement about Seam can be interpreted to mean that Seam can't cut it for the 'real stuff' ;-).

anonymous wrote : When writing the dvd store, I tried to simulate the effect of a portal...

Did you really simulate the effect of a portal or did you make an effort to factor the view into logical components?

anonymous wrote : Portal is clearly too heavy a tool, but I don't know of a lightweight portal solution for these types of things. I'm very curious to see how other people approach these types of issues and whether or not someone can come up with something to sit on top of seam to simply create a portal-lite environment. 

I think you can already achieve a lot of this kind of portalizing effect using Facelets templates / components.  Probably the least portable part of building a portal is the page layout and portlet-page embedding aspects.  Having 'done' both with JBPortal and Seam - I sincerely think the Facelets way gets easier the more pages and components you have - and thus seems more 'scalable' to me from a development-process perspective.

good discussion!

Brad Smith

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