[jboss-user] [Installation, Configuration & Deployment] - Re: Start up 2 JBoss in same machine

Matthew Hannigan mlh at zip.com.au
Mon Jan 8 17:28:52 EST 2007

On Mon, Jan 08, 2007 at 10:34:50AM -0500, PeterJ wrote:
> Look at the ./docs/examples/binding-manager/sample-bindings.xml file. It simplifies setting ports for 2 servers.
> The other option for running two servers is to bind each to its own IP address. Of course, you need to either be able to assign multiple IP addresses to a NIC, or have multiple NICs.  Then each server can use the same ports, just different addresses.

Using different bind address (the -b option to run.bat) is the best option
if you can do it.

A nice feature of windows I've found is that you can create ips in the
loopback range automatically; so you can start up a series of jbosses
with (for example)

	run -c jboss1 -b
	run -c jboss2 -b
	run -c jboss3 -b

and so on.  This only helps you if the jboss does not
need to be connected to remotely; ie. it's good for

On unix you need to 'plumb' the interfaces explicitly.



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