[jboss-user] Weblogic - JBoss migration

Paolo Beccari pbeccari at email.it
Thu Jul 5 04:03:43 EDT 2007

Hi ml,

I'm involved in a weblogic - Jboss migration.
I got the following issue: weblogic has a configuration parameter, in
weblogic.xml config file,  named printNulls.
This parameter allows weblogic to print "" instead of "null" when printing a
null variable.
I found that the parameter was introduced in weblogic since the
specification says to print "null" and not an empty string (see
http://groups.google.com/group/weblogic.developer.interest.jsp/browse_thread/thread/df93a9a076af1fd3/002670a5373899ef?lnk=st&q=bug+jsp+print+null+value+%22null%22+string&rnum=1&hl=en#002670a5373899ef )

Is there a way to configure JBoss in the same manner, or the only way is a
code refactoring?


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