[jboss-user] property from @OrderBy clause not found: Ruleset.number

Burghard Britzke bubi at charmides.in-berlin.de
Mon Jul 9 15:15:59 EDT 2007

I try to write a persistent unit

in Ruleset I wrote

public class Ruleset implements Serializable
	@OneToMany(cascade={ PERSIST, REMOVE })
	@OrderBy ("number ASC")
	private List<Rule> rules;

my Class Rule looks like

public class Rule implements Serializable
	private BigDecimal number;

during deployment I get the above error message.
I tried remove the @OrderBy anotation. but the error still remains.
even when I change the Order to "id asc" (id is a valid property of  
both classes).
when I changed the Order to "ddddddd ASC", i got the above error  
message for the property Ruleset.ddddddd.
when I changed back to "id asc" the error changed back to Ruleset.number

what does it mean?

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