[jboss-user] Problem with my Roles

Aurynn Shaw aurynn at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 13:51:24 EDT 2007

I still need help with this.

The roles I have assigned to my users aren't getting picked up by the  
authentication system, either with Tomcat's LDAP auth module via  
JNDI, as well as trying it in JBoss via the JbossSecurityMgrRealm.

My roles ARE assuredly correct, as well as properly defined in my  
web.xml - I can see them as being able to be checked against when the  
authentication system tries to walk over the user roles that aren't  

As it happens with all three - both the Tomcat JNDI connector, as  
well as the Jboss connectors, it leads me to believe that it's a  
problem in the Tomcat side of the authentication/role checking. Am I  
right in this?

I don't know where to look, however, to check WHY my user's roles are  
being loaded.

Please help?

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