[jboss-user] [JBoss Portal] - Some JBoss AS + Portal Bundle install issues and resolutions

galstuk do-not-reply at jboss.com
Mon May 7 11:10:36 EDT 2007

OS:  XP Professional

Download:  JBoss Portal + JBoss AS (Clustered) 2.6-CR2 
  placed file in C:\Documents and Settings\\My Documents\My Downloads\Microsoft Setup\JBoss Files\JBoss + Eclipse directory

Unzip isse:  When unzipping from this deep directory, prompted for a password on various files in the zip file.  Apparently, because of the cool way that Winders works, if you try to unzip a file in a directory this deep, you run into problems creating a whole lot deeper directory structure using the XP Pro built in compression utility.  You get the password prompts because the directory and files can't be created past a certain depth.  If, however, you unzip the file into a directory off the root or \Program Files directories you don't get the password prompts.

Eclipse version:  3.2.1
JBoss IDE version: 2.0.0 Beta
IBM RSA version: 7.0

JBoss IDE for Eclipse issues:  Obviously, I'd like to use the JBoss IDE with this clustered JBoss AS + Portal bundle.   First, JBoss IDE 2.0.0 Beta doesn't mesh well with RSA V7 because RSA WTP is older than the WTP in the JBoss IDE.  
  Second, installed JBoss IDE in Eclipse without problems.  When I add the JBoss AS/PS Runtime to Eclipse, got errors because components were missing from the AS/PS 'default' server directories.  AS/PS only comes with a configured 'all' server and an unconfigurable 'default' server.  I downloaded JBoss AS and copied the default server components into the JBoss AS/PS 'default' server directory.  Also, note that two files: javax.servlet.jar and javax.servlet.jsp.jar, required by the JBoss IDE Server Runtime definition wizard were not found in the standard JBoss AS default server lib directory.  These are only found in the JBoss AS/PS 'all' server lib directory.  Once I copied these into the AS/PS 'default' server's lib directory, the IDE runtime wizard completed without incident.  Either this needs to be documented for AS/PS or the IDE wizard needs to be fixed since these two latter files don't even come standard with JBoss AS either.
  When I clicked on either the Apply or OK buttons, however, I encountered an error message that advise me to look in the error log.  I can't seem to locate any such error log in either the Eclipse hierarchy or the JBoss logs directory.  I am able, however, to start AS/PS from the Eclipse IDE - well that is, after I configured the PS database properly.

PS database issue:  This is more of a complaint about the documentation than anything else.  I went to the JBossPortalQuickStartforUsers.pdf file that comes with JBoss - because I was getting started.  This document leads one to believe they can unzip the download file and just run the application server.  It doesn't work that way.  Once you've unzipped the file you have to configure the PS database.  There are no instructions for this in the JBossPortalQuickStartforUsers.pdf file noted above.  For these more detailed instructions you have to go to the JBossPortalreferenceGuide.pdf file.  Of course, you have to know this, otherwise you wouldn't look there to begin with.
  I also note that to run AS/PS, since it's the 'all' server that's configured and not the default server, you want to refer to the instructions in the reference doc and NOT the instructions in the getting started doc.  The getting started doc is obviously NOT for AS/PS but only for AS.  It would be nice to see more AS/PS specifics in the Getting Started doc, since that's where one would expect to find it quickly.    

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