[jboss-user] Using JBoss tools to generate ui for existing EJB's

Morten Matras morten.matras at gmail.com
Sun Nov 11 07:26:46 EST 2007

Hi folks

I've installed JBoss tools on top of Eclipse Europa for J22 developers on my
mac os x. (See how on http://mortenmatras.blogspot.com), it was quite easy.

Now I would like to generate the seam based CRUD for existing EJB's using
this toolset and was told that this could be done in eclipse by going to:

> run > Seam gen > generate entities

But I don't get the chance of setting the EJB's to get the CRUD generated.

It simply runs the ant script installed to generate the CRUD for the tables
in the underlying database.

Please point me where to start if I would like to get the "generate-ui" for
existing EJB entities working in this toolset.

As I understood it a patch to the ant-script has been made but never really
implemented in the releases of seam-gen. How do I add this patch so that I
can start using the tool?

Or is it implemented in JBoss Tools but requires a special jboss-seam
release underneeth?

Or is it just me who can't find it?


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