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Tue Sep 25 09:16:54 EDT 2007

Hello all,

the following post deals with one simple question: do I have to do something to tell JBoss to include the jBPM hibernate.cfg.xml when he bootstraps his own CMP hibernate configuration?

In detail:

I'm trying to get jBPM 3.2 running in a JBoss 4.2 application server. Mainly, I'm evaluating the question: should I use EJB3 entity beans or pure hibernate beans beneath jBPM (I want to use the same schema / datasource / transactions and I want to have own beand as process variables).

To achieve this, I've followed the wiki article http://wiki.jboss.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=Jbpm32UsingCMT.

Unfortunately, it does not work at all. I've followed the instructions in the wiki article with absolutely no success.

My first disappointment was "createSchema", which only gives "You cannot commit during a managed transaction". I've googled a lot and finally found a french article which told me to call createSchema with a jbpmContext parameter, after having put an injected hibernate session into this context. Sounds plausible, but unfortunately, createSchema can't be called with a context parameter. Only with a context name parameter, which doesn't help much. Don't know which version of jBPM was used in France.

Ok, creating the schema is not that important. I've created the schema using the supplied scripts and skipped this step.

Next step was trying to deploy a process definition. Again I wrote in my stateless session bean:

  | @PersistenceContext
  | private Session session;
  | public void deployProcessDefinition() {
  | 	ProcessDefinition processDefinition = ProcessDefinition
  | 			.parseXmlString("<process-definition name='hello world'>"
  | 					+ "  <start-state name='start'>"
  | 					+ "    <transition to='s' />" + "  </start-state>"
  | 					+ "  <state name='s'>" + "    <transition to='end' />"
  | 					+ "  </state>" + "  <end-state name='end' />"
  | 					+ "</process-definition>");
  | 	JbpmConfiguration jbpmConfiguration = JbpmConfiguration.getInstance();
  | 	JbpmContext jbpmContext = jbpmConfiguration.createJbpmContext();
  | 	jbpmContext.setSession(session);
  | 	jbpmContext.deployProcessDefinition(processDefinition);
  | 	jbpmContext.close();
  | }
Of course, I get an error, it's the following:
anonymous wrote : 
  | Named query not known: GraphSession.findLatestProcessDefinitionQuery
Some lines up in the log, he told me:
anonymous wrote : 
  | 14:34:29,065 INFO  [Configuration] Reading mappings from resource : org/jbpm/db/hibernate.queries.hbm.xml
, and there is absolutely nothing suspicious in the log (I think).

It sounds to me that he has build a second Hibernate config, but setSession forces him to use JBoss' Hibernate config which does not contain the jBPM stuff.

I've taken the jbpm.cfg.xml and hibernate.cfg.xml from jbpm-enterprise.jar with only little modifications (in hibernate, I've put my own datasource, and in jbpm I changed the non-existent message and scheduler entries.

Altogether packaged in a rather basic EAR.

Can anybody help me?


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