[jboss-user] Calling beans byReference and byValue in one VM

gelzleichter.robert at muenchener-verein.de gelzleichter.robert at muenchener-verein.de
Tue Aug 12 03:17:17 EDT 2008

We are working with JBoss 4.2.2, where we use the Built-in Tomcat and EJB-2.0-SessionBeans. We tried to upgrade to JBoss 4.2.2 and now the parameters during "internal" Calls from the Tomcat-Application to SessionBeans are passed on "byReference" instead of "byValue" as before.
We want to have the possibility for the application to decide whether the Bean-Communication shall be "byValue" (with marshalling) or  "byReference". 
I know that local calls (byReference) are faster but we need this choice due to our development strategy: even if the core is changing (and some of the parameter-Objects are in the core), we don't want to change all our Tomcat-Applications (but some have to be adapted) but the Beans are used by all Applications and therefore have to use the "new stuff" - with local calls (and old applications) we then get a linkage error, since the (old) applications have its own classloaders.
How can the application control whether the parameters are passed on "byValue" or "byReference" (if possible for the return-value too) - and which parameters/JBoss-Settings have to be made to have both possibilities.
We already use an InitialContext with an URL in the environment and the lookup-name for the Bean is the "remote-jndi-name" and I don't want to disable the "CallByValue" generally (with "CallByValue=false" in the ear-deployer.xml and/or jboss-service.xml)
Thanks and best regards, Robert Gelzleichter
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