[jboss-user] [JBoss AOP] - new bee trying maven aop plugin compile goal to add introd

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Tue Dec 9 17:54:09 EST 2008

I am new bee ,trying to   add  introduction to one of my class.

here my pom  part

  | 		  <groupId>org.jboss.maven.plugins</groupId>
  | 		  <artifactId>maven-jbossaop-plugin</artifactId>
  | 		  <version>1.0.0.GA</version>
  | 		  <executions>
  | 		    <execution>
  | 		      <id>run</id>
  | 		      <configuration>
  | 		        <includeProjectDependency>true</includeProjectDependency>
  | 		        <aoppaths>
  | 		          <aoppath>src/main/resources/jboss-aop.xml</aoppath>
  | 		        </aoppaths>
  | 				<includes>
  |           			<include>gov/hhs/acf/dto/ReassignGrantsOfficerDTO.class</include>
  |         		</includes>
  | 				<verbose>true</verbose>
  | 				<report>true</report>
  | 		      </configuration>
  | 		      <goals>
  | 		        <goal>compile</goal>
  | 		      </goals>
  | 		    </execution>
  | 		  </executions>
  | 		</plugin> 	  

here my jboss-aop.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  | <aop>
  | <introduction class="gov.hhs.acf.dto.ReassignGrantsOfficerDTO">
  |    <interfaces>java.io.Serializable</interfaces>
  | </introduction>
  | </aop>
here the console output

[INFO] [jbossaop:compile]
[INFO] [aop-debug] org.jboss.aop.instrument.InstrumentorFactory Passed in instrumentor: null
[INFO] [aop-debug] org.jboss.aop.instrument.InstrumentorFactory Defaulting instrumentor to: org.jboss.aop.instrument.GeneratedAdvisorInstrumentor
[INFO] [aop-debug] org.jboss.aop.AdvisorFactory Passed in advisor: null
[INFO] [aop-debug] org.jboss.aop.AdvisorFactory [debug] Defaulting advisor to: org.jboss.aop.ClassAdvisor
[INFO] [aop-debug] org.jboss.aop.Deployment jboss.aop.class.path is NULL
[INFO] [aop-debug] org.jboss.aop.Deployment jboss.aop.search.classpath: 'null' true

after running this I was expecting     ReassignGrantsOfficerDTO  will be serializable but no .I dont know what am i missing please help me with this  smple application to make a class implement serializable throguh aop

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