[jboss-user] HTTP Compression

Stephen Davidson gorky at freenet.carleton.ca
Fri Feb 15 10:24:32 EST 2008

samk at twinix.com wrote:
> See Thread at: http://www.techienuggets.com/Detail?tx=24941 Posted on behalf of a User
> Hi,
> I have an Apache http server connecting to a JBoss 4.2.1GA server via mod_jk connector. I'd like to turn on http compression. Can someone tell me where the best place to do this in is? JBoss is being used to serve dynamic content using JSP & Servlets. 
> Thanks.

Make sure to performance check your application after.  And you want to turn it
on at the Apache level.  Reason being, it would probably take longer to
compress/decompress between Apache & JBoss (or at JBoss) than you would save in
internal network traffic.



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