[jboss-user] mod_jk on old version of jboss (2.4.6)

Bill Milbratz milbratz at gmail.com
Fri Jan 18 00:18:05 EST 2008


I have a customer running a webapp on old version of jboss: 2.4.6.

They want to run multiple instances and use mod_jk to perform load

I've tried to set this up using a current mod_jk (1.2.26) and apache 2, but
find that this jboss/tomcat version does not honor the "jvmRoute" attribute
in the server.xml.

Specifically, the JSESSIONID cookies lacks the ".tomcat1" or ".tomcat2"
suffix appended to the tomcat-generated session id. The "sticky load
balancer" fails and Tomcat assigns a new session to each request.

I've dug up the 2.4.6 documentation and see the example mod_jk
configuraton--it doesn't mention anything of the 'jvmRoute' parameter.

Does anyone recall how to configure mod_jk with jboss2?. Did mod_jk change?
Would I need an old apache 1.3?

Finally, I tried downloading the source code, but source forge only has the
compiled files. Any recommendations for digging up the source code?


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