[jboss-user] [JBoss Seam] - Handy class to get Hibernate entity validation failures

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Fri Jan 18 10:52:26 EST 2008

Hopefully it is useful to you!

This would be used when an exception is thrown in a method that saves an entity bean, the Hibernate validator is being used, and you are using the Seam FacesMessages object.  It tries to find the Hibernate InvalidStateException object, which may be wrapped in the "cause" of another exception object.  Note: I did not write this to go down the "cause" stack trace to find the InvalidStateException.  I have not seen that need in my experiments.  Notice the 2 different signatures (different exception classes) for the method. 

package com.shockwatch.jsf;
import org.hibernate.validator.InvalidStateException;
import org.hibernate.validator.InvalidValue;
import org.jboss.seam.core.FacesMessages;

public class ValidationUtil {

// add error messages from Hibernate Validator
public static void addInvalids(FacesMessages fMsgs, InvalidStateException ex)
	   for (InvalidValue error : ex.getInvalidValues()) 
		   fMsgs.add(error.getPropertyName() + " " + error.getMessage());

/* Sometimes another exception type is thrown by EJB container, like EJBTransactionRolledbackException
   Attempt to find InvalidStateException and add validation failure if found,otherwise add exception message
public static void addInvalids(FacesMessages fMsgs, Exception ex)
	if (ex instanceof InvalidStateException)  // just add messages
		addInvalids(fMsgs, (InvalidStateException)ex);

	{	// try to extract Hibernate Validator exception, cast exception if not found
		InvalidStateException ise = (InvalidStateException)ex.getCause();
		addInvalids(fMsgs, ise);
	catch (ClassCastException castEx) // not a validation exception
		fMsgs.add(ex.getLocalizedMessage() + " Caused by: " + ex.getCause().getLocalizedMessage());

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