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Fri Jul 4 08:13:12 EDT 2008

"jaikiran" wrote : "zithuba" wrote : Yes, There is another topic dealing with this deployment problem, where a DS is deployed after the dependent ear or war.
  |   | http://www.jboss.com/index.html?module=bb&op=viewtopic&p=4162523#4162523
  | Probably not :)
  | Marcelo.S_ is using JBoss-4.2.2 GA and not JBoss-5.0 CR1. From what i know, the datasource dependencies work fine in 4.2.2 GA. We just have to figure out the correct "depends" value to use.

Was just taking a look at those topics:

It might not be the same cause, however it made me take a look at \server\default\conf\jboss-service.xml:

 <!-- The URLComparator can be used to specify a deployment ordering
  |            for deployments found in a scanned directory.  The class specified
  |            must be an implementation of java.util.Comparator, it must be able
  |            to compare two URL objects, and it must have a no-arg constructor.
  |            Two deployment comparators are shipped with JBoss:
  |              - org.jboss.deployment.DeploymentSorter
  |                Sorts by file extension, as follows:
  |                  "sar", "service.xml", "rar", "jar", "war", "wsr", "ear", "zip",
  |                  "*"
  |              - org.jboss.deployment.scanner.PrefixDeploymentSorter
  |                If the name portion of the url begins with 1 or more digits, those
  |                digits are converted to an int (ignoring leading zeroes), and
  |                files are deployed in that order.  Files that do not start with
  |                any digits will be deployed first, and they will be sorted by
  |                extension as above with DeploymentSorter.
  |       -->
  |       <attribute name="URLComparator">org.jboss.deployment.DeploymentSorter</attribute>
  |       <!--
  |       <attribute name="URLComparator">org.jboss.deployment.scanner.PrefixDeploymentSorter</attribute>
  |       -->

Just renamed hibernate-service.sar to hibernate-service.jar and it worked as a charm. I'm still curious thought, since the dependencies should work and renaming isn't really the best alternative.

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