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Please Can you tell how to make jboss portal cas integration 

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I have setup JBoss Portal and CAS to authenticate against my LDAP system and everything is working well. Now I tried to integrate an external J2EE application running in a separate tomcat using the IFramePortlet from Portletswap. This application authenticates against the CAS using Soulwing CAS client from http://www.soulwing.org which is also working correctly.

My problem is that I can login to the portal, but it seems that the ticket from  CAS is not propagated to the IFramePortlet and thus, it only shows the CAS login screen (which is correct in case the external app. does not receive a valid ticket). Another login with the same credentials here finally gives access to the external application.

Furthermore, I am not able to read any CAS-related information from the session, i.e. via


in a JSP. This is only returning null and I suspect that there is no ticket present in the session or it has been removed somehow, as the first login to the portal is apparently granting a valid ticket:

2008-02-17 16:07:34,828 INFO  [STDOUT] 2008-02-17 16:07:34,827 INFO [org.jasig.cas.CentralAuthenticationServiceImpl] - <Granted service ticket [ST-1-5307CdujPPXozCAjlrjF] for service [http://localhost:8080/portal/auth/dashboard] for user [user]>

Any help on how to pass the ticket to the application in IFramePortlet is greatly appreciated... (Sohil? ;-) )

Many thanks in advance,

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