[jboss-user] left-join read-ahead not working

Tamara Cattivelli Tamara.Cattivelli at mobilcom.de
Tue Jun 10 03:53:52 EDT 2008

Hello everybody,

I have two cmp-ejbs A and B, that have a one-to-many CMR-relation.
Starting from an instance of A i want to pre-load the related B-objects.

I try to optimize this by adding <left-join> tags to jbosscmp-jdbc.xml.

I am using Oracle 9i and jboss-4.0.4.GA.

The left-join query is submitted on the JBOSS console but after that all
data is loaded as if I had not defined an eager-load-group-tag with
left-join for my finder.

Can anybody please help?


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