[jboss-user] JBoss Cluster Questions -- Apache + Mod_jk + JBoss Nodes

xu Feng xufeng at yuanjie.net
Wed Mar 12 22:31:58 EDT 2008

Hi Everyone,
Now I want to build jboss cluster which can deploy web applications.
I decide to use such architecture:
					Jboss Node1	
apache + mod_jk +
					Jboss Node2

I have two questions:
<1>can i both set session_sticky on mod_jk and session_replication on Jboss
Node1 and Jboss Node2? Can the two settings conflict with each other?When
one Jboss died while one clients visits , how mod_jk behave if I set the two
in the configuration files?
<2>Is it a classic or typical implementation for JBoss Clustering as is
suggested on JBoss Guide?

<3> can I both achieve High Availability and Load Balance all in one such as

Thank you in advance.

Xu Feng
Yuanjie Networks,Shanghai,China
MSN: xufengnju at 163.com

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