[jboss-user] [Installation, Configuration & DEPLOYMENT] - Re: JVM Crash with JBoss 4.2.2

jelevy01 do-not-reply at jboss.com
Sat Sep 13 17:10:32 EDT 2008

I noticed that in both crashs the pergen / object space is pretty much full.  As I understand it this memory doesn't get garbage collected.. Next time it happens I'm going to try increasing the default perm gen...  I believe the default is 64MB, I'll change it 128MB.. 

Any help is appreciated.


PSYoungGen total 92480K, used 64027K [0x78f80000, 0x7f300000, 0x7f300000)
eden space 83072K, 69% used [0x78f80000,0x7c7d9988,0x7e0a0000)
from space 9408K, 67% used [0x7e9d0000,0x7effd2d0,0x7f300000)
to space 9408K, 0% used [0x7e0a0000,0x7e0a0000,0x7e9d0000)
PSOldGen total 815616K, used 535297K [0x47300000, 0x78f80000, 0x78f80000)
object space 815616K, 65% used [0x47300000,0x67dc06b0,0x78f80000)
PSPermGen total 57472K, used 56956K [0x43300000, 0x46b20000, 0x47300000)
object space 57472K, 99% used [0x43300000,0x46a9f360,0x46b20000) 

PSYoungGen total 94976K, used 6231K [0x78f80000, 0x7f300000, 0x7f300000)
eden space 88000K, 0% used [0x78f80000,0x78f80000,0x7e570000)
from space 6976K, 89% used [0x7ec30000,0x7f245d58,0x7f300000)
to space 6912K, 0% used [0x7e570000,0x7e570000,0x7ec30000)
PSOldGen total 815616K, used 815139K [0x47300000, 0x78f80000, 0x78f80000)
object space 815616K, 99% used [0x47300000,0x78f08d00,0x78f80000)
PSPermGen total 56448K, used 56185K [0x43300000, 0x46a20000, 0x47300000)
object space 56448K, 99% used [0x43300000,0x469de518,0x46a20000)

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