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Wed Sep 17 17:56:33 EDT 2008

JBoss Application Server 5.0.0.CR2 has been released and is available for download at:

JBoss 5.0.0.CR2 Release Notes

This is the last Candidate Release release of the JBoss 5.0.x series for the Java EEâ„¢ 5 codebase and the first JBossAS release that fully complies with the Java EE 5 conformance testing certification requirements! This is an important milestone in the development of JBossAS as we will have more time now to spend on developer productivity features and server manageability improvements.

A common theme for JBossAS 5 is the breaking out of internal subsystems into stand-alone projects and the introduction of SPIs throughout the server codebase. Those changes should not affect directly the end user but they are an important part of the JBoss strategy for making available the various EE services as independent projects, so that they can be wired-together and be consumed a-la-carte inside different runtime environments and not just inside the JBoss Application Server.

If you are building JBossAS from source you'll notice we are migrating to a maven2 build. At this point the build is a hybrid one because it declares all JBoss dependencies as maven2 artifacts, however after the dependencies are resolved/imported the legacy ant based build is used to compile and build the distribution. This will change to a full maven build at some point in time. The jboss maven repo can be found here. Starting from AS5 CR2, please note how the -sources.jar are also downloaded.

Another target for this release was to improve support for Java 6. JBossAS 5 CR2 can be build with both JDK5 and JDK6. The JDK5 compiled binaries have undergone more rigorous testing, they constitute our certified version and can run under both Java 5 & 6 VMs (with a few configuration changes for JDK6, see the configuration section below). The JDK6 compiled binaries include support for the JDBC 4 APIs, but this should be considered experimental at this point.
For information on the APIs that make up Java EE 5, see Java EE APIs & Docs. A tutorial on Java EE 5 can be found here.

A sample Java EE 5 application that can be run on top of JBoss 5 and demonstrates many interesting technologies is the Seam Booking Application available here. Check out the JBoss Seam Wiki that links to many interesting topics about Seam.

    * Highlights
    * Compatibility Issues
    * Configuration Issues
    * Other Issues
    * JBoss/Thirdparty Library Updates
    * Detailed Release Notes
    * Additional Docs and Help
    * Licenses
    * About JBoss


JBoss 5 is the next generation of the JBoss Application Server build on top of the new JBoss Microcontainer. The JBoss Microcontainer is a lightweight container for managing POJOs, their deployment, configuration and lifecycle. It is a standalone project that replaces the famous JBoss JMX Microkernel of the 3.x and 4.x JBoss series. The Microcontainer integrates nicely with the JBoss framework for Aspect Oriented Programming, JBoss AOP. Support for JMX in JBoss 5 remains strong and MBean services written against the old Microkernel are expected to work.

JBoss5 is designed around the advanced concept of a Virtual Deployment Framework (VDF), that takes the aspect oriented design of many of the earlier JBoss containers and applies it to the deployment layer. Aspectized Deployers operate in a chain over a Virtual File System (VFS), analyze deployments and produce metadata to be used by the JBoss Microcontainer, which in turn instantiates and wires together the various pieces of a deployment, controlling their lifecycle and dependencies.

Many key features of JBoss 5 are provided by integrating other standalone JBoss projects:

    * JBoss EJB3 included with JBoss 5 provides the implementation of the latest revision of the Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) specification. EJB 3.0 is a deep overhaul and simplification of the EJB specification. EJB 3.0's goals are to simplify development, facilitate a test driven approach, and focus more on writing plain old java objects (POJOs) rather than coding against complex EJB APIs.
    * JBoss Messaging is a high performance JMS provider in the JBoss Enterprise Middleware Stack (JEMS), included with JBoss 5 as the default messaging provider. It is also the backbone of the JBoss ESB infrastructure. JBoss Messaging is a complete rewrite of JBossMQ, which is the default JMS provider for the JBoss AS 4.x series.
    * JBossCache that comes in two flavors. A traditional tree-structured node-based cache and a PojoCache, an in-memory, transactional, and replicated cache system that allows users to operate on simple POJOs transparently without active user management of either replication or persistency aspects.
    * JBossWS is the web services stack for JBoss 5 providing Java EE compatible web services, JAX-WS-2.0.
    * JBoss Transactions is the default transaction manager for JBoss 5. JBoss Transactions is founded on industry proven technology and 18 year history as a leader in distributed transactions, and is one of the most interoperable implementations available.
    * JBoss Web is the Web container in JBoss 5, an implementation based on Apache Tomcat that includes the Apache Portable Runtime (APR) and Tomcat native technologies to achieve scalability and performance characteristics that match and exceed the Apache Http server.

Minor feature additions for this release include:

    * JBAS-5862, a new look for the jmx-console
    * JBAS-5793, array interception for POJOs stored in web sessions with FIELD granularity.
    * JBAS-5192, a POJO based replacement for the JBoss 4 ServiceBindingManager (WIP).
    * JBAS-5822, support of the new ServiceBindingManager in old -service.xml  deployments.

JBoss 5 includes features and bug fixes, many of them carried over upstream from the 4.x codebase. See the Detailed Release Notes section for the full details.
Compatibility Issues
JBossAS 5.0.0.CR2 can be compiled with both Java5 & Java6. The Java5 compiled binary is our primary/recommended binary distribution. It has undergone rigorous testing and can run under both a Java 5 and a Java 6 runtime. When running under Java 6 you need to manually copy the following libraries from the JBOSS_HOME/client directory to the JBOSS_HOME/lib/endorsed directory, so that the JAX-WS 2.0 apis supported by JBossWS are used:

    * jbossws-native-saaj.jar
    * jbossws-native-jaxrpc.jar
    * jbossws-native-jaxws.jar
    * jbossws-native-jaxws-ext.jar

The other option is to download the jdk6 distribution (jboss-5.0.0.CR2-jdk6.zip) in which case no configuration changes are required. If you still have problems using JBoss with a Sun Java 6 runtime, you may want to set  -Dsun.lang.ClassLoader.allowArraySyntax=true, as described in JBAS-4491. Other potential problems under a Java 6 runtime include:

    * ORB getting prematurely destroyed when using Sun JDK 6 (see Sun Bug ID: 6520484)
    * Unimplemented methods in Hibernate for JDK6 interfaces.
    * When JBossAS 5 is compiled with Java 6, support for the extended JDBC 4 API is included in the binary, however this can only be used under a Java 6 runtime. In this case no manual configuration steps are necessary. It should be noted however that the Java 6 compiled distribution of JBoss AS 5 is still in experimental stage.

Other compatibility issues:

    * All the *-beans.xml configuration files have been renamed to *-jboss-beans.xml to avoid conflicts with spring configuration files.
    * For mod_cluster integration you will have to use the workaround described in JBAS-5966 until the tomcat service mbean descriptor is converted to an MC bean descriptor.
    * JBoss VFS provides a set of different switches to control it's internal behavior. JBoss AS sets jboss.vfs.forceCopy=true by default. To see all the provided VFS flags check out the code of the VFSUtils.java class. 
    * Hibernate-core is now using slf4j-api as a logging facade. To properly integrate that in JBossAS we have created an slf4j-to-jboss-logging adapter (slf4j-jboss-logging.jar) that creates a static binding between sl4j and jboss-logging-spi . The jboss-logging default implementation is configured to use log4j. See JBAS-5519.
    * The client/jbossall-client.jar library that used to bundle the majority of jboss client libraries, is now referencing them instead through the Class-Path manifest entry. This allows swapping included libraries (e.g. jboss-javaee.jar) without having to re-package jbossall-client.jar. On the other hand, it requires that you have jbossall-client.jar together with the other client/*.jar libraries, so they can be found. See JBAS-4355.
    * If using proprietary JBoss/EJB3 annotations, those have moved (since Beta4) into the org.jboss.ejb3.annotation package, EJBTHREE-1099. Those are now included in a new artifact, jboss-ejb3-ext-api.jar
    * Interoperating with previous JBoss EJB3 implementations may present problems due to serialVersionUIDs issues, EJBTHREE-1118.
    * Use of JBoss Cache 2.x. JBC 2.x has a significantly different API from the 1.x releases used in JBoss AS 4.x and 3.2.x.
    * @EJB injections should now work from servlets, JBAS-5646.
    * The ClassPathExtension MBean has been replaced with a VFS classloader definition, see JBAS-5446.

For strict JavaEE compatibility compliance you can:

    * Enable call-by-value in deployers/ear-deployer-jboss-beans.xml
    * Enable call-by-value for "jboss:service=Naming" in conf/jboss-service.xml
    * Set the following system property in your startup script

Configuration Issues

This section lists changes that could affect the server configuration.

The directory structure of JBoss 5 resembles that of the 4.x series with some notable differences:

    * bin - start scripts and run.jar
    * client - client jars
    * docs - docs, schemas/dtds, examples
    * lib - core bootstrap jars, somewhat different with the introduction of the microcontainer and breakup of jboss-common.
    * server - the same server configuration dirs.
          o default configuration
                + conf
                      # bootstrap.xml - new mc kernel bootstrap configuration referencing other
                        configuration files that contain the beans that setup each individual subsystem.
                            * classloader.xml
                            * aop.xml
                            * jmx.xml
                            * deployers.xml
                            * bindings.xml (*New POJO-based ServiceBindingManager*)
                            * profile.xml
                      # jax-ws-catalog.xml - oasis catalog driven schema/dtd namespace configuration
                      # jbossjta-properties.xml - new JBossTS properties
                      # jboss-service.xml - legacy static mbeans for compatibility
                      # jndi.properties - the same jndi props
                      # log4j.xml - the same log4j config
                      # login-config.xml - the same jaas login config
                      # props/ - the same default jaas login properties files
                      # standardjaws.xml - obsolete cmp config
                      # standardjbosscmp-jdbc.xml - the same cmp2 config
                      # standardjboss.xml - the same ejb2 config
                      # xmdesc/ - legacy xmbean descriptors
                + deploy/ - the same deploy directory.
                + deployers/ - new vdf deployers
                      # bsh-deployer - beanshell deployer
                      # ejb3.deployer - ejb3 deployers
                      # jboss-aop-jboss5.deployer - aspect deployer
                      # jboss-jca.deployer - JCA deployers
                      # jbossweb.deployer - war deployers
                      # jbossws.deployer - web services deployers
                      # seam.deployer - SEAM deployer
                      # alias-deployers-jboss-beans.xml
                      # clustering-deployers-jboss-beans.xml
                      # ear-deployer-jboss-beans.xml - ear deployers
                      # ejb-deployer-jboss-beans.xml - ejb2.x deployers
                      # metadata-deployer-jboss-beans.xml - metadata handlers
                      # security-deployer-jboss-beans.xml - security deployers
                      # profileservice-jboss-beans.xml.bak - an example of the repository based profile service
                + lib/ - the same static library jars

Various configuration issues:

    * Use of the jboss.jgroups.udp.mcast_port property to control easy configuration of multicast port, JBAS-2395
    * Overriding of ra.xml properties in jboss-ra.xml, JBAS-3343
    * Support for defining depenndencies in JCA adapters, JBAS-4508
    * Controlling command line arguments for the appClientLauncher, JBAS-5888.
    * Shutdown.sh now accepts a JNDI url, JBAS-5922.
    * DeleteWorkDirOnContextDestroy property for JSP pages, JBAS-5453.
    * The clustering configurations have been organized in the deploy dir in a new cluster subfolder (JBAS-4709).
    * A separate cache is now used for Clustered SSO (JBAS-4676).
    * Per webapp configuration of useJK, snapshot mode and snapshot interval (JBAS-3460). Default for useJK is whether jvmRoute is set (JBAS-4961).
    * Total replication (rather than buddy replication) is the default setting for session replication (JBAS-5085).
    * The transaction manager configuration has moved from conf/jboss-service.xml to deploy/transaction-service.xml (JBAS-5103).
    * The default conf/jboss-log4j.xml configuration now includes the thread name for entries in log/server.log (JBAS-5274).
    * All the security related configuration files are now grouped under the deploy/security directory (JBAS-5318).
    * Loopback is now set to true for all JGroups UDP stacks (JBAS-5323).

EJB3 configuration  is now controlled by deployers/ejb3.deployer/META-INF/ejb3-deployers-jboss-beans.xml. For more details check out this wiki page.

For security related configuration changes, please consult this wiki page.
For clustering related changes, check out the Wiki for more info.
Other Issues

    * The Farm service is removed. Distributed deployments will eventually be handled by the AS 5 Profile Service, with the Profile Service (or JBoss ON) coordinating deployments across the cluster from a centralized repository. The Farm Service's function of replicating deployment archives between file systems will not be maintained.
    * The JSR77 view of the server is not implemented yet.
    * Bootstrap time has improved compared to AS5 CR1, but it still somewhat slower when compared to the 4.2.x series. This is due to multiple passes of annotation processing from different subsystems. This will be eventually reduced to a single pass.
    * JBoss should now be able to start when JBOSS_HOME contains spaces, JBAS-5796.

Library Updates
For a full list of the JBoss and thirdparty libraries used with JBoss AS 5.0.0.CR2 check the pom.xml found in the component-matrix directory of the source code distribution. To see the maven dependency tree you can also do a 'mvn dependency:tree' from the thirdparty directory of the source code distro.

Some rather important used jboss project versions are listed below:

    * JBoss Transactions, v4.4.0.CR2
    * JBoss WebServices, v3.0.3.GA
    * JBoss Messaging, v1.4.1.CR1
    * JBoss Web, v2.1.1.CR7
    * JBoss AOP, 2.0.0.CR17
    * JBoss EJB3, v1.0.0-Beta3
    * JBoss Microcontainer, v2.0.0.CR1
    * JBoss Security, v2.0.2.CR6
    * Hibernate, v3.3.1.GA
    * Hibernate Entity Manager, v3.4.0.GA
    * Hibernate Annotations, v3.4.0.GA
    * JBoss Cache POJO, v2.2.0.CR5
    * JBoss Cache Core, v2.2.0.GA
    * JGroups, v.2.6.3.GA

Detailed Release Notes
Includes versions: JBossAS-5.0.0.CR2
Feature Request

    * [JBAS-2395] - Allow for easy configuration of multicast port like multicast address
    * [JBAS-3343] - JCA 1.5 Resource Adapter Config Properties cannot be specified
    * [JBAS-3911] - Default max-pool-size in DataSource configuration
    * [JBAS-4508] - Add a way to define dependencies for a JCA adapter
    * [JBAS-5249] - Upgrade Bean scripting framework
    * [JBAS-5636] - Stop HTTP/AJP connectors on Server.STOP_NOTIFICATION_TYPE
    * [JBAS-5647] - HAPartition to support wait for first positive response
    * [JBAS-5704] - Provide JAAS credentials in org.jboss.ant.JMX task so that calls can be made to security protected MBeans
    * [JBAS-5743] - MBeans have hard coded "localhost" in their names
    * [JBAS-5760] - Allow mc bootstrap file to be specified via the "jboss.bootstrap.url" system property
    * [JBAS-5761] - Rename conf/*-service.xml to *-beans.xml to be consistent with naming conventions
    * [JBAS-5782] - HASingletonElector interface
    * [JBAS-5793] - Array interception for pojos stored in FIELD granularity web sessions
    * [JBAS-5808] - Expose MC Kernel and DeploymentUnit in ServletContext attributes
    * [JBAS-5813] - Download source jars into thirdparty by default
    * [JBAS-5822] - Add support for value-factory injection to -service.xml parsing
    * [JBAS-5832] - Add Facelets logging bridge to AS
    * [JBAS-5841] - Allow the JMS RAR to determine the destinationType at runtime
    * [JBAS-5848] - Optimize AnnotatedMetaDataDeployer
    * [JBAS-5862] - New look for jmx-console
    * [JBAS-5888] - Add support for controlling ClientLauncher behavior via command line arguments
    * [JBAS-5896] - Add a MailService sharedSession option
    * [JBAS-5922] - Allow shutdown.sh to still work if it passed a http(s) jndi url
    * [JBAS-5931] - Ensure that the call into the MDB container is with no security context
    * [JBAS-5932] - Refactor redundant code in EJB2 SecurityInterceptors (invoke and invokeHome)
    * [JBAS-5939] - MessageDestinationReferenceResolver should be injected
    * [JBAS-5946] - SecurityContextEstablishmentValve should handle current security context with a different name 


    * [JBAS-1151] - deadlock during cluster failover
    * [JBAS-2558] - default virtual host always "localhost"
    * [JBAS-3918] - jbossweb virtual-host processing not working
    * [JBAS-4282] - Can't create a root context web app
    * [JBAS-4287] - run.sh can consume 100% single CPU resources on Solaris
    * [JBAS-4399] - @EJB in JSF ignores mappedName
    * [JBAS-4522] - Remoting Connector attribute "socketTimeout" in jboss-service.xml should be "timeout"
    * [JBAS-4592] - NPE in ExtendedFormAuthenticator
    * [JBAS-4661] - org.jboss.test.marshaliiop.test.EjbUnMarshalUnitTestCase.testUnMarshalException failing
    * [JBAS-4684] - Invalid war is not showing up in MainDeployer.checkComplete(Deployment)
    * [JBAS-4732] - Multihome support: HAJNDI`s HANamingServiceMBean needs a configurable RmiBindAddress (like Naming`s MainMBean)
    * [JBAS-4871] - TransactionIsolation is not reset when Connection is returned to the pool
    * [JBAS-4965] - Embedded unwrapped deployments fail with opaque error when in WEB-INF/lib
    * [JBAS-5095] - Race condition between connection.close() and transaction.rollback() causes connection leak
    * [JBAS-5173] - Bug with whitespace in jboss-web.xml
    * [JBAS-5236] - Encrypting passwords with DIGEST prevents shutting down JBoss from command line
    * [JBAS-5257] - Cannot deploy through jax-ws endpoint API
    * [JBAS-5414] - Application class loaders leak to JGroups thread pools
    * [JBAS-5453] - Make DeleteWorkDirOnContextDestroy=true the default setting
    * [JBAS-5457] - Implement EE 8.2.1 section 2 functionality
    * [JBAS-5487] - xml-apis.jar in lib/endorsed causes WrappedRuntimeException
    * [JBAS-5578] - Cannot deploy ServiceMBeanSupport as an mc bean with @JMX
    * [JBAS-5590] - UnifiedInvoker stop() should not stop its ServerInvoker
    * [JBAS-5609] - ClusteredSingleSignOn cannot handle cross-context apps with same session id
    * [JBAS-5645] - JBossWeb losing POST data during FORM Authentication
    * [JBAS-5646] - @EJB does not work in servlet
    * [JBAS-5671] - Attempting to deploy a duplicate context removes existing servlet bindings
    * [JBAS-5674] - Web components without top-level annotations not processed correctly
    * [JBAS-5681] - Proxy SecurityInterceptor should consider SecurityAssociation Client VM mode possibility
    * [JBAS-5684] - servlets are not properly loaded when load-at-startup is 0
    * [JBAS-5693] - Web session passivation isn't LRU
    * [JBAS-5694] - o.j.test.cluster.defaultcfg.web.field.test.FieldBasedSessionPassivationTestCase.testSessionPassivationWMaxActive fails intermittently
    * [JBAS-5695] - Licenses not available for release packaging
    * [JBAS-5696] - removal of entity with self-referencing CMR and fk-constraint
    * [JBAS-5700] - messaging-service.xml SecurityMetaDataStore needs to have a dependency on JNDIBasedSecurityRegistration
    * [JBAS-5714] - Leaked heuristic outcome in XAExceptionUnitTestCase
    * [JBAS-5715] - -ds.xml not trimming whitespace in jboss5
    * [JBAS-5717] - jboss-ds_1_5.dtd has syntax error
    * [JBAS-5719] - Deployment ordering of WAR and -ds.xml not working in JBoss-5.0 CR1
    * [JBAS-5735] - Session not reliably bound to SessionReplicationContext if SecurityAssocationValve not present
    * [JBAS-5737] - Moderate: AOP Binding JSP reveals source code
    * [JBAS-5762] - Binding service deployed after RMI port opened
    * [JBAS-5773] - Regression in nested war manifest classpath behavior
    * [JBAS-5796] - JBoss does not start with spaces in install path
    * [JBAS-5800] - jrmp/pooled-invoker-tests fail due to java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen Space
    * [JBAS-5801] - New ManagedConnection locking does not play nicely with transaction interleaving
    * [JBAS-5830] - message-destination needs global resolution support
    * [JBAS-5831] - mysql-get-generated-keys does not work with xa datasource
    * [JBAS-5833] - maxMessages in activation spec wrongly sets maxSession
    * [JBAS-5850] - Tx sticky lbp issue with shutdown nodes
    * [JBAS-5852] - InvokerLocator Connector no longer available on 3873
    * [JBAS-5855] - Moderate: Cross-Site-Scripting in JMX console
    * [JBAS-5871] - Client Metadata Creator does not take class Hierarchy into account for Main-Class
    * [JBAS-5880] - Synchronization Problem in TxServerClientInterceptor
    * [JBAS-5892] - ClientLauncher relies on full metadata to obtain classpath
    * [JBAS-5898] - Build needs to be more explicit in what it copies
    * [JBAS-5904] - ClientUserTransaction singleton initialisation is not thread safe
    * [JBAS-5906] - Client user transaction lookups aren't closing initial contexts
    * [JBAS-5911] - WARStructure should be in the appserver codebase
    * [JBAS-5912] - WARStructure should include WEB-INF/lib/*.jars/META-INF in the metadata locations
    * [JBAS-5917] - Error during deployment means cannot redeploy
    * [JBAS-5921] - Stopped deployments should not be visible in the Profile.getModifiedDeployments
    * [JBAS-5923] - Weak hash map usage in UnifiedInvokerHAProxy is not thread safe
    * [JBAS-5933] - JMX operations eat underlying exception
    * [JBAS-5935] - WebServiceDeployer should create JACC permissions for dynamic web app
    * [JBAS-5944] - Get rid of GMS.shun=false in JGroups protocol stacks
    * [JBAS-5948] - UserTransactionSessionImpl is not thread safe 


    * [JBAS-4456] - Replace JRMPProxyService with a remoting based bean.
    * [JBAS-4635] - Fix jboss-head-testsuite-sun-1.5
    * [JBAS-4669] - Port ClusteredSingleSignOn testNoAuthSingleSignOn test to trunk
    * [JBAS-4769] - TransactionLocal cannot be locked when transaction is marked rollback only
    * [JBAS-4773] - Move the JBossWS integration tests to the AS test module
    * [JBAS-4908] - Support vertical clustering port replacement for cluster services
    * [JBAS-4918] - replace ${jboss.server.home.dir}/log references with ${jboss.server.log.dir}
    * [JBAS-4952] - Add clustering dependencies to clustered EJB2 beans
    * [JBAS-5022] - WebAppClassLoader is not optimized for RMI
    * [JBAS-5333] - Fix object name of the JMS based EJB2 entity cache invalidation mbean
    * [JBAS-5432] - Ensure HAPartition-based services can handle concurrent JGroups requests
    * [JBAS-5446] - ClassPathExtension MBean "removed"
    * [JBAS-5503] - JUnitReport OutOfMemoryError failed many testsuite on hudson
    * [JBAS-5509] - Remove support for passing null types to HAPartition.callMethodOnCluster
    * [JBAS-5560] - Add Seam to JBoss AS testsuite
    * [JBAS-5583] - Review timer.num_threads configs in JGroups protocol stacks
    * [JBAS-5587] - Move clustered Hibernate 2nd level caching to Hibernate RegionFactory
    * [JBAS-5627] - Properly handle cleanup of clustered web session persistent store
    * [JBAS-5637] - Put all web-app classloading rules in WarClassLoaderDeployer
    * [JBAS-5676] - Reduce the default FD timeout in JGroups stacks
    * [JBAS-5679] - metadata: switch to JBoss50Creator from EjbJar30Creator
    * [JBAS-5685] - XAResourceWrapper should be in the transaction SPI
    * [JBAS-5702] - Add JDBC4 support to DataSourceInterceptor
    * [JBAS-5718] - Add maven dependencies in repository.jboss.com
    * [JBAS-5748] - Update links in ROOT.war/index.html
    * [JBAS-5756] - Integrate jpa-deployers
    * [JBAS-5757] - Add scoped and non-scoped annotation tests to as testsuite
    * [JBAS-5781] - Use READ_COMMITTED for clustered entity cache
    * [JBAS-5788] - Replace Oswego usage with java.util.concurrent
    * [JBAS-5794] - Administration and configuration guide
    * [JBAS-5795] - Administration and configuration guide
    * [JBAS-5797] - Fix / suppress deprecation warnings in connector module
    * [JBAS-5803] - Fix the -beans.xml usage in META-INF for jboss deployments
    * [JBAS-5804] - Remove the setting of the "types" property in the appserver config
    * [JBAS-5805] - Don't wait forever to get the lock in the jdbc and jms resource adapters
    * [JBAS-5809] - External configuration from ejb3 project is wrong
    * [JBAS-5811] - JBossWS is using external configuration
    * [JBAS-5814] - Move jboss.messaging:service=SecurityStore to messaging-jboss-beans.xml
    * [JBAS-5820] - Refactor web session replication interaction with JBC into pluggable component
    * [JBAS-5821] - Get rid of ClusterPartition deadlock detection config
    * [JBAS-5823] - Looking at deployment structure
    * [JBAS-5826] - Update dist build to include stax-api.jar and activation.jar copied to lib/endorsed
    * [JBAS-5827] - Remove ExtendedByImportUnitTestCase
    * [JBAS-5837] - Update the EARStructure to use the StructureContext api
    * [JBAS-5842] - Fix the injection of mainDeployer, profileService in ProfileServiceBootstrap
    * [JBAS-5843] - Set target on ServiceControllerContext when deployed via @JMX
    * [JBAS-5889] - Refactor ClusteredSSO interaction with JBC into pluggable component
    * [JBAS-5905] - Validate why JBM's jbm-data Channel config doesn't have FD
    * [JBAS-5907] - Fix FieldGranularityClassloaderLeakUnitTestCase.testFieldWar failure
    * [JBAS-5909] - RetryInterceptor should close its NamingContext
    * [JBAS-5910] - Point out the -b flag in the docs
    * [JBAS-5913] - Extract an SPI for cluster module service's interaction with JBoss Cache
    * [JBAS-5914] - Convert HAJNDI back to -jboss-beans.xml
    * [JBAS-5915] - CacheManager to set TCCL before creating/starting caches
    * [JBAS-5916] - Remove the JBC integration SPIs and impls from the AS code base
    * [JBAS-5918] - Hudson builds erroneously report builds as failed after ant upgrade
    * [JBAS-5940] - Application client support for persistence unit
    * [JBAS-5962] - Make release notes for AS5.0.0.CR2
    * [JBWS-259] - Scout/jUDDI based JAXR Implementation 


    * [JBAS-2251] - Fix JBoss Cache / AS integration issues
    * [JBAS-2577] - isolating Hibernate as an internal impl detail
    * [JBAS-2647] - Remove potential deadlock condition from HASingletonSupport
    * [JBAS-3415] - Port RARDeployer
    * [JBAS-4192] - Evaluate having ProxyFactoryFinderInterceptor clear the ProxyFactory ThreadLocal on request exit
    * [JBAS-4644] - fix org.jboss.test.webservice.jbws309.JBWS309TestCase(JACC)
    * [JBAS-5047] - Fix ValidConnectionChecker serialization
    * [JBAS-5054] - tests-jacc-security failures
    * [JBAS-5252] - Fix classloader leak test failures
    * [JBAS-5341] - See if JBM and AS can agree on a shared transport config for UDP and TCP
    * [JBAS-5433] - Ensure ClusterPartition can handle concurrent JGroups requests
    * [JBAS-5434] - Ensure DistributedReplicantManager can handle concurrent JGroups requests
    * [JBAS-5435] - Ensure DistributedState can handle concurrent JGroups requests
    * [JBAS-5436] - Ensure HASessionState can handle concurrent JGroups requests
    * [JBAS-5437] - Ensure HA-JNDIcan handle concurrent JGroups requests
    * [JBAS-5438] - Ensure HASingletonSupport can handle concurrent JGroups requests
    * [JBAS-5439] - Ensure JGCacheInvalidationBridge can handle concurrent JGroups requests
    * [JBAS-5441] - Ensure misc HAPartition-based services can handle concurrent JGroups requests
    * [JBAS-5580] - Upgrade JGroups to 2.6.3.GA
    * [JBAS-5585] - Fix tomcat federation tests
    * [JBAS-5589] - Update hibernate-int module to understand RegionFactory
    * [JBAS-5596] - Upgrade jboss-integration to 5.0.0.CR2
    * [JBAS-5601] - Upgrade jboss-managed/metatype to 2.0.0.CR/GA
    * [JBAS-5602] - Upgrade jboss-vfs to 2.0.0.CR/GA
    * [JBAS-5603] - Upgrade jboss-deployers to 2.0.0.CR/GA
    * [JBAS-5604] - Upgrade jboss-microcontainer to 2.0.0.CR/GA level
    * [JBAS-5605] - Upgrade jboss-reflect to 2.0.0.CR/GA level
    * [JBAS-5606] - Upgrade jboss-mdr to 2.0.0.CR/GA level
    * [JBAS-5607] - Upgrade jboss-classloading to 2.0.0.CR2
    * [JBAS-5621] - Ensure session regions are cleaned up in undeploy
    * [JBAS-5624] - Fix org.jboss.test.cluster.* tests
    * [JBAS-5625] - fix org.jboss.test.profileservice.* tests
    * [JBAS-5626] - Fix org.jboss.test.web.* tests
    * [JBAS-5630] - Web session persistent store cleanup with total repl and no marshalling
    * [JBAS-5653] - Upgrade jboss-metadata to CR/GA level
    * [JBAS-5673] - Metadata processing needs to be redone
    * [JBAS-5687] - org.jboss.test.profileservice tests failing with file locking issues on Windows
    * [JBAS-5690] - org.jboss.test.jca*
    * [JBAS-5691] - org.jboss.test.jmx
    * [JBAS-5692] - org.jboss.test.naming
    * [JBAS-5699] - Upgrade JBoss Security to 2.0.2.CR6
    * [JBAS-5705] - Upgrade JBoss Cache to 2.2.0.GA
    * [JBAS-5708] - Upgrade Spring to 2.5.5
    * [JBAS-5738] - Upgrade jboss transactions to 4.4.0.CR2
    * [JBAS-5747] - Upgrade to the latest JSF implementation 1.2_09 (from 1.2_08)
    * [JBAS-5751] - Make max unreplicated time for clustered session configurable in AS 5
    * [JBAS-5784] - Upgrade JBoss JAXR to 1.2.0.SP2
    * [JBAS-5806] - org.jboss.test.refs.test.*
    * [JBAS-5807] - org.jboss.test.deployers.ear.test.EARAltDDConnectorDeploymentUnitTestCase
    * [JBAS-5836] - Upgrade jbossws to 3.0.3
    * [JBAS-5838] - Upgrade ha-client and ha-server-api to 1.1.0.GA
    * [JBAS-5839] - Upgrade ejb3
    * [JBAS-5840] - Uprade jboss-aspects to CR level
    * [JBAS-5844] - Upgrade jboss-remoting to 2.5.0.GA
    * [JBAS-5845] - Upgrade jnpclient and jnpserver to 5.0.0.CR2
    * [JBAS-5846] - org.jboss.test.asynch.AsynchTestCase
    * [JBAS-5847] - Upgrade hibernate-core/jmx/jbosscache2 to 3.3.0.GA
    * [JBAS-5853] - Upgrade hibernate-annotations/common-annotations/entity-manager to latest CR2 releases
    * [JBAS-5861] - Upgrade jboss-test to 1.1.1.GA
    * [JBAS-5865] - Upgrade woodstox to spec-compliant version (3.2.6)
    * [JBAS-5866] - Fix org.jboss.test.timer.test.BasicTimerUnitTestCase.testMDBTimer
    * [JBAS-5867] - fix org.jboss.test.profileservice.test.DeployUnitTestCase(profileservice).testEjb3xDeployment
    * [JBAS-5868] - fix appclient regressions
    * [JBAS-5875] - Clustered webapps session manager to use same ObjectName pattern as non-clustered
    * [JBAS-5876] - Expose StandardManager attributes/operations in JBossCacheManagerMBean
    * [JBAS-5877] - Upgrade jboss-javaee.jar to remove persistence APIs
    * [JBAS-5882] - Upgrade BSF (Bean Scripting Framework) to v2.4.0 (from 2.3.0)
    * [JBAS-5884] - Access MBeanServer via Tomcat Registry
    * [JBAS-5885] - Clustered classloader leak tests for web session clustering
    * [JBAS-5890] - Upgrade to the latest jboss-common-core 2.2.8.GA
    * [JBAS-5891] - fix JBAS-5203 regression
    * [JBAS-5893] - Upgrade Javassist to 3.8.1.GA
    * [JBAS-5899] - Possible regression due to Ejb3ClientDeployer changes
    * [JBAS-5902] - fix org.jboss.test.jca.test.ManagedDeploymentUnitTestCase
    * [JBAS-5920] - fix org.jboss.test.xslt.test.ScopedXalanUnitTestCase.testScopedXalanDeployment
    * [JBAS-5926] - fix org.jboss.test.jpa.test.WebClasses*.testWebJPA tests
    * [JBAS-5934] - Upgrade jbossxb to 2.0.0.CR15
    * [JBAS-5938] - Upgrade hibernate-core/jmx/jbosscache2 to 3.3.1
    * [JBAS-5947] - Upgrade Seam integration to 5.0.0.CR2 


    * [JBAS-4478] - ignore local ant options when building
    * [JBAS-5073] - fix build authenticated proxy (there seems to have been a cut and paste error at some point) 

Thirdparty Change

    * [JBAS-5122] - Track jboss and thirdparty dependencies upgrades for JBoss 5.0.0.CR2
    * [JBAS-5901] - Update the bundled ant version used to build the server to 1.7.1 

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