[jboss-user] Jboss 5 authentification problem

Gueze Thomas thomas.gueze at bull.net
Wed Sep 24 08:28:56 EDT 2008


I'm using Jboss 5 CR 2 and I have some problems with authentification 
using Jaas.
I explained my problem here : 

To summary :
I have EJB deployed, a client-side Jaas authentification and context 
propagation to the Jboss ClientLoginModule.
On the server side, I retrieve the EJB Context and get the caller name.

A first user is log in and perform operations on the EJB. It log out, 
and another user log in and perform some operations on the EJB too, but 
I get the old user name from the EJB Context.

Did I miss something?

Thanks in advance.

Thomas Gueze

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