[jboss-user] Migrate Tomcat configuration to JBoss 4.2.x

Sertic Mirko, Bedag Mirko.Sertic at bedag.ch
Mon Sep 29 06:27:33 EDT 2008

Hi at all


I am running some Tomcat 5.5 applications, all deployed as a .war file.
For JNDI and DataSource configuration, I use the external context.xml
files, all stored in conf/catalina/localhost/<contextname>.xml. Now, I
want to deploy some of the applications to JBoss 4.2.x. Now, the
question is : where to put the datasource, and how can i use the
external context configuration file on JBoss 4.2.x out of the box? Is
there a tutorial available?


Thanks a lot



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