[jboss-user] recent comparison with Grails (no troll)?

Kelvin Meade kelvin.meade at gmail.com
Wed Apr 22 14:59:42 EDT 2009


I've just finished reading Seam in Action and waiting in the mail for the
new copy of the Seam Framework book to cover the 2.1 security changes. Seam
looks very cool and I'm quite interested in the support for instance-level

For an upcoming new "enterprisey" project, I'm considering both Seam and
Grails and so far I don't have enough information to lean towards one or
another. I used Grails briefly only. I've googled for recent comparisons
(2008 or later) but haven't found anything and older reviews are not
relevant any more.

Any comments would be helpful. This is not a flame/troll.

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