[jboss-user] [News & Announcements] - JBossAS 5.1.0.CR1 released

rrajesh do-not-reply at jboss.com
Wed Apr 29 13:35:25 EDT 2009

JBossAS 5.1.0.CR1 has been released and is available for download.

This is the first candidate release of the JBoss 5.1 series. Along with many bug fixes and enhancements, this 
release includes a first cut of our new, significantly improved open-source console. We are hoping to get as much 
feedback as possible to ensure we have a great first version in the eventual 5.1.0.GA release. Please post your 
feedback to the embedded JOPR forum here.

    * Highlights
    * Compatibility Issues
    * Configuration Issues
    * Other Issues
    * JBoss/Thirdparty Library Updates
    * Detailed Release Notes
    * Additional Docs and Help
    * Licenses
    * About JBoss


    * New Web Console - This release includes our new administration console.
      See the full release notes for the console here.
    * Web Beans Update - In addition, this release includes an updated tech preview of the new JSR-299 Web Beans RI.
      You can find out more information about Web Beans here.
    * Farming Returns - Due to popular demand, the farming service is back!
      See the following wiki page here.

Compatibility Issues
There are no known compatibility issues in 5.1.0.CR1.
from 5.0.1.GA

    * This release resolves issues related to running JBossAS 5 under AIX with an IBM jdk. See JBAS-6506, JBAS-6428.
    * A NamingContext issue was identified when using IPv6, take a look at JBAS-6390.
    * If you are using HASingletons and/or depending on the BarrierController you'll find interesting the fixes in 
JBAS-6440, JBAS-6441, JBAS-6363.
    * The filtering of classes/packages of jars bundled with .wars has improved, see JBAS-6478 and the associated forum thread.

from 5.0.0.GA
JBossAS 5.0.0.GA can be compiled with both Java5 & Java6. The Java5 compiled binary is our primary/recommended binary 
distribution. It has undergone rigorous testing and can run under both a Java 5 and a Java 6 runtime. When running 
under Java 6 you need to manually copy the following libraries from the JBOSS_HOME/client directory to the 
JBOSS_HOME/lib/endorsed directory, so that the JAX-WS 2.0 apis supported by JBossWS are used:

    * jbossws-native-saaj.jar
    * jbossws-native-jaxrpc.jar
    * jbossws-native-jaxws.jar
    * jbossws-native-jaxws-ext.jar

The other option is to download the jdk6 distribution (jboss-5.0.0.GA-jdk6.zip) in which case no configuration 
changes are required. If you still have problems using JBoss with a Sun Java 6 runtime, you may want to set  
-Dsun.lang.ClassLoader.allowArraySyntax=true, as described in JBAS-4491. Other potential problems under a Java 6 runtime include:

    * ORB getting prematurely destroyed when using Sun JDK 6 (see Sun Bug ID: 6520484)
    * Unimplemented methods in Hibernate for JDK6 interfaces.
    * When JBossAS 5 is compiled with Java 6, support for the extended JDBC 4 API is included in the binary, however 
this can only be used under a Java 6 runtime. In this case no manual configuration steps are necessary. It should be 
noted however that the Java 6 compiled distribution of JBoss AS 5 is still in experimental stage.

Other compatibility issues:

    * JBossMQ has been removed from the distribution and is no longer supported in AS5. JBoss Messaging Service is now 
the default JMS provider.
    * All the *-beans.xml configuration files have been renamed to *-jboss-beans.xml to avoid conflicts with spring 
configuration files.
    * For mod_cluster integration you will have to use the workaround described in JBAS-5966 until the tomcat service 
mbean descriptor is converted to an MC bean descriptor.
    * JBoss VFS provides a set of different switches to 
control it's internal behavior. JBoss AS sets jboss.vfs.forceCopy=true by default. To see all the 
provided VFS flags check out the code of the VFSUtils.java class.
    * VFS uses an internal caching mechanism to speed up access to deployment artifacts. This means that files in 
deploy/ remain open as long as they are accessed and then closed by a reaper thread after a 5 seconds inactivity. On 
window platforms this may cause locking issues if files are re-deployed too quickly. In this case you may want to 
turn-off the reaper by specifying the  -Djboss.vfs.forceNoReaper=true property in the command line.
    * Hibernate-core is now using slf4j-api as a logging facade. To properly integrate that in JBossAS we have 
created an slf4j-to-jboss-logging adapter (slf4j-jboss-logging.jar) that creates a static binding between sl4j and 
jboss-logging-spi . The jboss-logging default implementation is configured to use log4j. See JBAS-5519.
    * The client/jbossall-client.jar library that used to bundle the majority of jboss client libraries, is now 
referencing them instead through the Class-Path manifest entry. This allows swapping included libraries (e.g. 
jboss-javaee.jar) without having to re-package jbossall-client.jar. On the other hand, it requires that you have 
jbossall-client.jar together with the other client/*.jar libraries, so they can be found. See JBAS-4355.
    * If using proprietary JBoss/EJB3 annotations, those have moved (since Beta4) into the org.jboss.ejb3.annotation 
package, EJBTHREE-1099. Those are now included in a new artifact, jboss-ejb3-ext-api.jar
    * Interoperating with previous JBoss EJB3 implementations may present problems due to 
serialVersionUIDs issues, EJBTHREE-1118.
    * Use of JBoss Cache 3.x. has a significantly different API from the 1.x releases used in JBoss AS 4.x and 3.2.x.
    * @EJB injections should now work from servlets, JBAS-5646.
    * The ClassPathExtension MBean has been replaced with a VFS classloader definition, see JBAS-5446.
    * The old JMX-based ServiceBindingManager has been replaced by a POJO-based ServiceBindingManager, see JBAS-5192.
    * The Farm service from 4.x has been removed.
    * JBoss 5 is stricter when it comes to verifying/deploying JavaEE artifacts. EJB3 deployments that 
run in AS 4.2 may fail in AS5. We have tried to keep the validation messages as accurate as possible in order to 
help you modify your deployment descriptors/annotations to be in-line with the JavaEE 5 requirements.

Configuration Issues

    * The ejb3-timer-service.xml has moved from deploy to docs/examples/ejb3 to avoid the runtime overhead, since 
it's not used by default. If you want to use it, move it back to the deploy folder and set the 
org.jboss.ejb3.timerservice.factory property to org.jboss.ejb3.timerservice.quartz.QuartzTimerServiceFactory.

>From 5.0.0.GA

JBossAS 5.0.0.GA introduces two new configuration, the standard and the web config.

    * The standard config is the configuration that has been tested for JavaEE compliance. The major differences 
with the existing configurations is that call-by-value and deployment isolation are enabled by default, along with 
support for rmiiiop and juddi (taken from the all config), as shown below:
          o deployers/ear-deployer-jboss-beans.xml
          o conf/jboss-service.xml call-by-value for "jboss:service=Naming"
          o conf/jndi.properties
          o conf/jacorb.properties
          o deploy/juddi-service.sar
    * The web config is a new experimental lightweight configuration created around JBoss Web that will follow the 
developments of the JavaEE 6 web profile. Except for the servlet/jsp container it provides support for JTA/JCA and 
JPA. It also limits itself to allowing access to the server only through the http port. Please note that this 
configuration is not JavaEE certified and will most likely change in the following releases.

Another notable change is that the majority of the libraries common to the different configurations have moved 
to a new shared location, JBOSS_HOME/common/lib/. This is so we avoid having multiple copies of the same libraries in 
the distribution. The location of the common library directory can be controlled by the following properties:

    * jboss.common.base.url defaulting to ${jboss.home.url}/common
    * jboss.common.lib.url  defaulting to ${jboss.common.base.url}/lib

The common library directory is shared by all the configurations except for the minimal config. It is 
referenced in the very beginning of every configuration's conf/jboss-service.xml.

You can see that the library directory of the individual configurations is still in place, although in some cases 
it's empty (e.g. JBOSS_HOME/server/default/lib/)

The directory structure of JBoss 5 resembles that of the 4.x series with some notable differences:

    * bin - start scripts and run.jar
    * client - client jars - note how jbossall-client.jar is now referencing the other client jars.
    * common
          o lib
    * docs - docs, schemas/dtds, examples
    * lib - core bootstrap jars, somewhat different with the introduction of the microcontainer and breakup of jboss-common.
    * server - the same server configuration dirs.
          o xyz configuration
                + conf
                      # bootstrap.xml - new mc kernel bootstrap configuration referencing other 
                      # configuration files that contain the beans that setup each individual subsystem.
                            * bootstrap
                                  o vfs.xml - vfs initialization
                                  o classloader.xml
                                  o aop.xml
                                  o jmx.xml - legacy JMX support
                                  o deployers.xml
                                  o bindings.xml (POJO-based ServiceBindingManager & port bindings)
                                  o profile-repository.xml (profile service enabled deployment repository)
                      # jax-ws-catalog.xml - oasis catalog driven schema/dtd namespace configuration
                      # jbossjta-properties.xml - new JBossTS properties
                      # jboss-service.xml - legacy static mbeans for compatibility, somewhat reduced
                      # jndi.properties - the same jndi props
                      # log4j.xml - the same log4j config
                      # login-config.xml - the same jaas login config
                      # props/ - the same default jaas login properties files
                      # standardjaws.xml - obsolete cmp config
                      # standardjbosscmp-jdbc.xml - the same cmp2 config
                      # standardjboss.xml - the same ejb2 config
                      # xmdesc/ - legacy xmbean descriptors
                + deploy/ - the same deploy directory.
                      # ...
                      # jca-jboss-beans.xml
                      # hdscanner-jboss-beans.xml - the hot deployment scanner
                      # legacy-invokers-service.xml
                      # profileservice-jboss-beans.xml
                      # remoting-jboss-beans.xml
                      # transaction-jboss-beans.xml
                      # vfs-jboss-beans.xml
                + deployers/ - new vdf deployers
                      # bsh-deployer - beanshell deployer
                      # ejb3.deployer - ejb3 deployers
                      # jboss-aop-jboss5.deployer - aspect deployer
                      # jboss-jca.deployer - JCA deployers
                      # jbossweb.deployer - war deployers
                      # jbossws.deployer - web services deployers
                      # seam.deployer - SEAM deployer
                      # alias-deployers-jboss-beans.xml
                      # clustering-deployers-jboss-beans.xml
                      # dependency-deployers-jboss-beans.xml
                      # directory-deployer-jboss-beans.xml
                      # ear-deployer-jboss-beans.xml - ear deployers
                      # ejb-deployer-jboss-beans.xml - ejb2.x deployers
                      # hibernate-deployer-jboss-beans.xml
                      # jsr77-deployers-jboss-beans.xml
                      # metadata-deployer-jboss-beans.xml - metadata handlers
                      # security-deployer-jboss-beans.xml - security deployers
                + lib/ - the same static library jars with a few jars, as most have moved to top level common/lib

Various configuration issues:

    * A new jboss.server.log.threshold system property can be used to control the log/server.log threshold. It defaults to DEBUG.
    * Use of the jboss.jgroups.udp.mcast_port property to control easy configuration of multicast port, JBAS-2395
    * Overriding of ra.xml properties in jboss-ra.xml, JBAS-3343
    * Support for defining dependencies in JCA adapters, JBAS-4508
    * Controlling command line arguments for the appClientLauncher, JBAS-5888.
    * Shutdown.sh now accepts a JNDI url, JBAS-5922.
    * DeleteWorkDirOnContextDestroy property for JSP pages, JBAS-5453.
    * The clustering configurations have been organized in the deploy dir in a new cluster subfolder (JBAS-4709).
    * A separate cache is now used for Clustered SSO (JBAS-4676).
    * Per webapp configuration of useJK, snapshot mode and snapshot interval (JBAS-3460). Default for useJK is whether 
jvmRoute is set (JBAS-4961).
    * Total replication (rather than buddy replication) is the default setting for session replication (JBAS-5085).
    * The transaction manager configuration has moved from conf/jboss-service.xml to deploy/transaction-service.xml (JBAS-5103).
    * The default conf/jboss-log4j.xml configuration now includes the thread name for entries in log/server.log (JBAS-5274).
    * All the security related configuration files are now grouped under the deploy/security directory (JBAS-5318).
    * Loopback is now set to true for all JGroups UDP stacks (JBAS-5323).

EJB3 configuration  is now controlled by deployers/ejb3.deployer/META-INF/ejb3-deployers-jboss-beans.xml. 
For more details check out this wiki page.

For security related configuration changes, please consult this wiki page.
For clustering related changes, check out the Wiki for more info.
Other Issues
>From 5.0.1.GA

    * A major goal of the release is to address issues related to VFS handling of temporary files and 
re-deployments. See JBAS-6935, JBAS-6504, JBAS-6373.
    * Navigation in the jmx/web consoles was broken. This is fixed in JBAS-6493, JBAS-6328
    * The dtds/schemas on www.jboss.org have been updated with the latest ones, see JBAS-6114.

>From 5.0.0.GA

    * Bootstrap time has improved compared to AS5 CR1, but it still somewhat slower when compared to the 4.2.x series, 
due to the extensive annotation scanning that goes on behind the scenes. There are ways to optimize the 
annotation scanning, especially for large deployments. Check the JBoss Wiki for more information.

Detailed Release Notes

    * [JBAS-5941] - NullPointerException in ClusteredSession
    * [JBAS-6425] - AbstractSecurityDeployer assumes VFSDeploymentUnit
    * [JBAS-6426] - "jboss_5.0.xsd" of JBoss 5.0GA is invalid
    * [JBAS-6535] - java.lang.LinkageErrors seen during start of JBoss AS 5.1 with admin-console.war deployed
    * [JBAS-6553] - java:comp/env isn't available for SessionSynchronization callbacks
    * [JBAS-6574] - Typo in 'Installation And Getting Started Guide'
    * [JBAS-6600] - Setting isolated=true on EarClassLoaderDeployer does not work
    * [JBAS-6601] - CryptoUtil is missing from jboss-srp-client.jar (or jbosssx-client.jar)
    * [JBAS-6606] - Specifying mdb-client-id in jboss.xml causes mdb deployments to fail
    * [JBAS-6617] - Server failure when including aop metadata inside a sar inside a zip
    * [JBAS-6618] - Statistic properties are not tied to runtime component
    * [JBAS-6641] - copying all JBAS 4.2 testsuite apps into AS 5.1 deploy dir causes profile service errors and 
failure of server to start
    * [JBAS-6643] - restoring a null managed object fails
    * [JBAS-6682] - StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in JvmRouteValve
    * [JBAS-6692] - JGroups protocol stacks need to have FC.ignore_synchronous_response set to "true"
    * [JBAS-6694] - java.lang.OutOfMemoryErrors seen during automated Embedded Console testing
    * [JBAS-6705] - AS5 plugin: Creating a new Topic or Queue now results in this error - 
"java.lang.RuntimeException:Failed to process template"
    * [JBAS-6715] - Redployment intermittently fails
    * [JBAS-6718] - AS5 plugin: If the "use-java-context" property is left unset when creating a datasource, it now 
gets set to "false" by default instead of to "true"
    * [JBAS-6719] - AS5 plugin: After creating a new Topic or Queue, the configuration properties are set to their 
default values instead of to the values that were specified during creation
    * [JBAS-6736] - List operations for Topics and Queues (eg. List All Messages, List All Subscriptions, etc.) are 
not producing the correct results
    * [JBAS-6737] - contextRoot of webservicesType in jboss_5_0.xsd and jboss_5_1.xsd is not correct
    * [JBAS-6742] - Updates to managed properties no longer persisting when changes made through embedded console
    * [JBAS-6755] - Setting ObjectName ManagedProperties (eg. DLQ, serverPeer, expiryQueue) as removed=true causes Topic/Queue creation to fail
    * [JBAS-6792] - callMethodOnPartition on MBeans extending HAServiceMBeanSupport not working
    * [JBAS-6793] - IncompleteDeploymentException upon Stop'n'Start or Restart of EAR with nested WAR
    * [JBAS-6799] - Attempting to configure a Topic or Queue that has the "securityConfig" property unset results 
in an UndeclaredThrowableException
    * [JBAS-6800] - Ejb3HAPartitionDependencyDeployer adds dependency to non-clustered beans
    * [JBAS-6801] - After creating a Topic or Queue, the value of the "clustered" property is set to "false" even if 
the user set it to "true" during creation
    * [JBAS-6805] - java.lang.OutOfMemory: Heap Space during Runtime Discovery Scan
    * [JBAS-6807] - Unable to form a cluster Branch_5_x (flush by coordinator at xyz failed)

Feature Request

    * [JBAS-2595] - JMX Resolver for JSF
    * [JBAS-5965] - Max file soft limit can not always be set to hard limit on Darwin (OS X)
    * [JBAS-5993] - Need to add ProfileService failed deployment tests
    * [JBAS-6092] - Check and warn if system time is off on joining node
    * [JBAS-6142] - Include a more user friendly management and monitoring tool.
    * [JBAS-6356] - Configure HA-JNDI automatic discovery socket via ServiceBindingManager
    * [JBAS-6629] - Apply ${jboss.server.log.threshold} to root logger
    * [JBAS-6644] - expose if the ManagementView was reloaded.
    * [JBAS-6650] - configurable upload dir of a DeploymentRepository
    * [JBAS-6653] - Switch to new classpools
    * [JBAS-6678] - Upgrade to Hibvernate Search 3.1.1
    * [JBAS-6752] - Include the datasource name when the connection manager reports a ResourceException


    * [JBAS-4666] - MBean for new EjbDeployer
    * [JBAS-6038] - Examine use of SessionReplicationContext start/finishCacheActivity
    * [JBAS-6466] - Log as TRACE not being able to find cache entry trying to be removed
    * [JBAS-6552] - Track component updates - 5.1.0.CR1
    * [JBAS-6626] - Order .jar before .war
    * [JBAS-6630] - Change default value for ${jboss.server.log.threshold} to INFO
    * [JBAS-6637] - Disable lock striping in JBoss Cache configs
    * [JBAS-6648] - provide different profile implementations
    * [JBAS-6649] - enable distribution of deployment contents to the deployers dir.
    * [JBAS-6659] - Create brew build of glassfish-jaxb version 2.1.9 so we can patch
    * [JBAS-6667] - Rename managed component subtype on TxConnectionFactoryDeploymentMetaData.java to be "Tx" rather than "XA"
    * [JBAS-6716] - add back securityConfig config property to JMS destination resources
    * [JBAS-6743] - start AS with xb.builder.useUnorderedSequence
    * [JBAS-6757] - Reorganize source that populates the server/xxx/conf dir
    * [JBAS-6760] - Add extra check for before NPE in JavaEEComponentHelper
    * [JBAS-6780] - Get rid of DistributableSession interface
    * [JBAS-6786] - Update ManagedObjects for JBAS server related components to have unique types
    * [JBAS-6798] - Change AS Build to not bring in jboss-ejb3-proxy
    * [JBAS-6816] - Reduce verbose FINE logging from sun classes
    * [JBAS-6830] - Update release notes for 5.1.0.CR1

Thirdparty Change

    * [JBAS-6739] - Synch with the latest patched jacorb version
    * [JBAS-6756] - Use the latest patched version of xalan

Component Upgrade

    * [JBAS-6027] - Upgrade jboss-metadata to 1.0.0.CR18
    * [JBAS-6469] - Update to JBossXB 2.0.1.GA
    * [JBAS-6605] - JBoss Security upgrade to 2.0.3.SP1
    * [JBAS-6633] - Upgrade jboss-ha-server-api to 1.1.1.GA
    * [JBAS-6634] - Upgrade JBossWS Native to 3.1.1.GA
    * [JBAS-6635] - Upgrade JAXB to 2.1.9.patch
    * [JBAS-6636] - Upgrade JBoss Cache to 3.1.0.CR1
    * [JBAS-6639] - Upgrade JBossXacml 2.0.3
    * [JBAS-6661] - Upgrade Web Beans to 1.0.0.PREVIEW
    * [JBAS-6684] - Update EJB 3 to 1.1.3
    * [JBAS-6691] - Upgrade JGroups to 2.6.9
    * [JBAS-6726] - Update XNIO to 1.2.1.GA
    * [JBAS-6727] - Update JBoss Threads to 1.0.0.CR3
    * [JBAS-6729] - Update to JBoss LogBridge 1.0.0CR4
    * [JBAS-6730] - Update to JBoss LogManager 1.0.0.CR3
    * [JBAS-6740] - Upgrade JBoss Threads to 1.0.0.CR4
    * [JBAS-6761] - Upgrade common-core to 2.2.12
    * [JBAS-6778] - Update ha-server-cache-spi to 2.0.0.GA
    * [JBAS-6779] - Update ha-server-cache-jbc to 2.0.0.CR1
    * [JBAS-6787] - Upgrade Remoting to 2.5.1
    * [JBAS-6826] - Upgrade to Common Core 2.2.13
    * [JBAS-6827] - Upgrade to VFS 2.1.1.GA
    * [JBAS-6837] - Upgrade to JBoss Web 2.1.3


    * [JBAS-5703] - Make HA-JNDI use wait for first positive response
    * [JBAS-6580] - org.jboss.test.web.test.JSFIntegrationUnitTestCase
    * [JBAS-6582] - org.jboss.test.ejb3.servlet.unit.ServletUnitTestCase
    * [JBAS-6598] - org.jboss.test.profileservice.testsecure.ProfileServiceUnitTestCase
    * [JBAS-6599] - org.jboss.test.compatibility.test.SerialVersionUIDUnitTestCase
    * [JBAS-6607] - XACMLDeployer to parse xacml config/policies in the deployment
    * [JBAS-6608] - ACLDeployer to pick up ACL files
    * [JBAS-6631] - Make sure JBAS managed object has shutdown operation
    * [JBAS-6647] - "XAConnectionFactoryTemplate" and possibly other templates are missing from ManagementView
    * [JBAS-6654] - EJBVerifier21 should check messagingType for null
    * [JBAS-6657] - managementView.load() fails to merge ServerInfo, ThreadPool, GlobalRequestProcessor, and Host ManagedObjects
    * [JBAS-6662] - Remove unnecessary use of MBeanRegistry/Entry
    * [JBAS-6664] - "config-property" ManagedProperty in all ConnectionFactory and Datasource templates has wrong type
    * [JBAS-6668] - for Connection Factories, an extra prop.type config-prop is added to the "config-property" 
MapCompositeMetaType property every time managementView.updateComponent(connFactoryComponent) is called
    * [JBAS-6669] - when new items are added to the "config-property" composite ManagedProperty on a Datasource 
component, after updateComponent() is called, the items that were added are gone
    * [JBAS-6670] - *.type config-props within "config-property" composite ManagedProperty are set to the 
corresponding connection factory prop's value, rather than its type
    * [JBAS-6671] - on Connection Factory components, jndi-name, rar-name, and connection-definition 
ManagedPropertys should all be mandatory, in both templates and properties on existing components
    * [JBAS-6672] - when null values are specified for ManagedProperties, then updateComponent() is called, the 
values are updated to incorrect defaults (e.g. "0" for integer properties)
    * [JBAS-6681] - UndeclaredThrowableException:ReflectionException:IllegalArgumentException on call to ManagementViewImpl.updateComponent() on Topic or 
Queue containing primitive int or boolean property with value of null
    * [JBAS-6683] - QueueTemplate and TopicTemplate templates are missing most of the ManagedProperties defined 
by the corresponding ComponentTypes - they only contain the "name" and "JNDIName" properties
    * [JBAS-6686] - Unexpected parameters for JMS Topic managed operations
    * [JBAS-6688] - expose ManagedProperties representing ObjectNames as SimpleMetaType.STRINGs rather than 
    * [JBAS-6689] - add support for activation policy metadata on ManagedProperties
    * [JBAS-6701] - DeploymentManager.remove() doesn't work for exploded apps that were deployed via 
    * [JBAS-6703] - XML config files persisted for Topics/Queues created via Profile Service still contain 
ManagementObjectClass annotation tags
    * [JBAS-6708] - once DeploymentManager.stop() is called on a WAR deployment, the next time 
managementView.getDeploymentNamesForType("war") is called, a deployment is no longer returned for that WAR
    * [JBAS-6709] - provide an API to determine the current state (i.e. Stopped/Started/Starting/Stopping/etc.) of a ManagedDeployment
    * [JBAS-6711] - if non-null values are set for ObjectName ManagedProperties (i.e. DLQ, serverPeer, or 
expiryQueue props) in Topic/Queue templates, applyTemplate() throws "IllegalArgumentException: Not 
handled value: CompositeValueSupport"
    * [JBAS-6721] - a few Topic/Queue ManagedProperties have the wrong ViewUse
    * [JBAS-6728] - 'local-transaction' prop is missing from the template for Tx ConnectionFactories
    * [JBAS-6733] - Avoid re-reading expired sessions from distributed cache
    * [JBAS-6741] - Upgrade jboss-server-manager to 1.0.2.GA and jboss-test to 1.1.4.GA
    * [JBAS-6750] - get Admin Console WAR integrated into JBAS 5.1 distribution
    * [JBAS-6751] - Need to map org.jboss.jms.message.JBossMessage into simple composite 
map in destination managed operations
    * [JBAS-6762] - org.jboss.test.bootstrapdependencies.jbas5349.test.BootstrapDependenciesTestCase(EJB2Session)
    * [JBAS-6765] - Setting ObjectName ManagedProperties (eg. DLQ, serverPeer, expiryQueue) to removed=true and 
value=null causes NullPointerException in StringObjectNameMetaMapper.unwrapMetaValue()
    * [JBAS-6770] - JBoss-AS-5.1.x-compatibilityMatrix - server fails to start
    * [JBAS-6774] - Upgrade EJB3 to 1.1.4
    * [JBAS-6796] - "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Null type." error in 
DelegatingPersistencePlugin.getPlugin() when updating a 
Datasource or Connection Factory's properties with 
'security-domain' prop with null security deployment type
    * [JBAS-6804] - org.jboss.test.jacc.test.*PermissionsValidationTestCase

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