[jboss-user] Setting maxSpareThreads and minSpareThreads doesn't do anything in JBoss 4.2.0.GA

Raul Acevedo raul at cantara.com
Fri Aug 14 16:07:19 EDT 2009

I'm running JBoss 4.2.0.GA and I want limit the number of unused idle
threads.  This is supposed to be possible using maxSpareThreads and
minSpareThreads but neither option seems to do anything:

<Connector maxThreads="100" minSpareThreads="10" maxSpareThreads="30" ...

JBoss always starts with only one active thread, and if it needs to create
100, it'll keep 100 alive, even if the load drops down to nothing.

Is there a way to do this?


Raul Acevedo

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