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Fri Jan 9 10:32:13 EST 2009

I'm currently struggling a little bit with the combination of hibernate and logging in the jbp-jpd-3.2.3 suite. I'm not really familiar with log4j and all I want to do is to log the DML statements (but also nothing more or less then that).
I haven't touched the logging setting in hibernate.cfg.xml because I'm pretty sure they are just fine , but I include them just for completeness.
    <!-- logging properties (begin) ===
  |     <property name="hibernate.show_sql">true</property>
  |     <property name="hibernate.format_sql">true</property>
  |     <property name="hibernate.use_sql_comments">true</property>
  |     ==== logging properties (end) -->
To adapt log4j I've copied the log4j.xml file from the folder: jbpm-jpdl-3.2.3\deploy to jbpm-jpdl-3.2.3\server\server\jbpm\conf and renamed it to jboss-log4j.xml.
I also changed the file a little bit according to my requirements, But the logger still shows me the wrong information --> the transaction info is still shown and on the other hand it misses the binding parameters information.
Can some help me to configure log4j? Thanks.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  | <!DOCTYPE log4j:configuration SYSTEM "log4j.dtd">
  | <log4j:configuration xmlns:log4j="http://jakarta.apache.org/log4j/" debug="false">
  |   <!-- Usage: replace the log4j.xml file in the conf directory of your jboss server 
  |               configuration with this file
  |        Contents: This configuration file will log only to standard output and it will 
  |              put the jBPM logs to level TRACE.
  |   -->
  |    <appender name="CONSOLE" class="org.apache.log4j.ConsoleAppender">
  |       <errorHandler class="org.jboss.logging.util.OnlyOnceErrorHandler"/>
  |       <param name="Target" value="System.out"/>
  |       <param name="Threshold" value="TRACE"/>
  |       <layout class="org.apache.log4j.PatternLayout">
  |          <!-- The default pattern: Date Priority [Category] Message\n -->
  |          <param name="ConversionPattern" value="%d{ABSOLUTE} %-5p [%c{1}] %m%n"/>
  |       </layout>
  |    </appender>
  |    <!--
  |    <category name="org.jbpm"><priority value="INFO"/></category>
  |    -->
  |    <category name="org.apache"><priority value="INFO"/></category>
  |    <category name="org.apache.myfaces"><priority value="TRACE"/></category>
  |    <category name="org.jboss"><priority value="INFO"/></category>
  |    <category name="org.hibernate"><priority value="INFO"/></category>
  |    <category name="org.hibernate.SQL"><priority value="DEBUG"/></category>
  |    <category name="org.hibernate.transaction"><priority value="INFO"/></category>
  |    <category name="org.hibernate.type"><priority value="DEBUG"/></category>
  |    <category name="net.sf"><priority value="INFO"/></category>
  |    <root>
  |       <appender-ref ref="CONSOLE"/>
  |    </root>
  | </log4j:configuration>
Log snapshot:

.JDBCTransaction at 1dd040a
  | 16:14:10,801 DEBUG [DbPersistenceService] closing hibernate session
  | 16:14:10,801 DEBUG [Services] closing service 'tx': org.jbpm.tx.TxService at f60f20
  | 16:14:10,801 DEBUG [JobExecutorThread] obtained lock on jobs: []
  | 16:14:10,801 DEBUG [JbpmContextInfo] creating jbpm context with service factories '[message, tx, sc
  | eduler, authentication, persistence, logging]'
  | 16:14:10,801 DEBUG [JbpmContext] creating org.jbpm.JbpmContext at 5b38d6
  | 16:14:10,817 DEBUG [DbPersistenceServiceFactory] creating persistence service
  | 16:14:10,817 DEBUG [DbPersistenceService] creating hibernate session
  | 16:14:10,817 DEBUG [DbPersistenceService] beginning hibernate transaction
  | 16:14:10,817 DEBUG [DbPersistenceService] begun hibernate transaction org.hibernate.transaction.JDB
  | Transaction at 179d47f
  | 16:14:10,817 DEBUG [SQL] select * from ( select job0_.ID_ as ID1_26_, job0_.VERSION_ as VERSION3_26
  | , job0_.DUEDATE_ as DUEDATE4_26_, job0_.PROCESSINSTANCE_ as PROCESSI5_26_, job0_.TOKEN_ as TOKEN6_2
  | _, job0_.TASKINSTANCE_ as TASKINST7_26_, job0_.ISSUSPENDED_ as ISSUSPEN8_26_, job0_.ISEXCLUSIVE_ as
  | ISEXCLUS9_26_, job0_.LOCKOWNER_ as LOCKOWNER10_26_, job0_.LOCKTIME_ as LOCKTIME11_26_, job0_.EXCEPT
  | ON_ as EXCEPTION12_26_, job0_.RETRIES_ as RETRIES13_26_, job0_.NAME_ as NAME14_26_, job0_.REPEAT_ a
  |  REPEAT15_26_, job0_.TRANSITIONNAME_ as TRANSIT16_26_, job0_.ACTION_ as ACTION17_26_, job0_.GRAPHEL
  | MENTTYPE_ as GRAPHEL18_26_, job0_.GRAPHELEMENT_ as GRAPHEL19_26_, job0_.NODE_ as NODE20_26_, job0_.
  | LASS_ as CLASS2_26_ from JBPM_JOB job0_ where (job0_.LOCKOWNER_ is null or job0_.LOCKOWNER_=?) and
  | ob0_.RETRIES_>0 and job0_.ISSUSPENDED_<>1 order by job0_.DUEDATE_ asc ) where rownum <= ?
  | 16:14:10,817 DEBUG [JbpmContext] closing jbpmContext org.jbpm.JbpmContext at 5b38d6
  | 16:14:10,817 DEBUG [Services] closing service 'persistence': org.jbpm.persistence.db.DbPersistenceS
  | rvice at 56291a
  | 16:14:10,817 DEBUG [DbPersistenceService] committing hibernate transaction org.hibernate.transactio
  | .JDBCTransaction at 179d47f
  | 16:14:10,817 DEBUG [DbPersistenceService] closing hibernate session
  | 16:14:10,817 DEBUG [Services] closing service 'tx': org.jbpm.tx.TxService at a4911d

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