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alesj do-not-reply at jboss.com
Mon Jan 12 08:04:28 EST 2009

"trustin" wrote : 
  |   * A glue module that combines all together to run the server up
  | (will look up proper handler and codec instances via KernelController
  | - I guess it's a piece of cake, right?)
I would try to use MC's API as little as possible.
Your stuff is all about beans, so we should be able to handle it w/o the explicit usage of MC API.
e.g. contextual injection, callbacks, installs, value-factory, ...

"trustin" wrote : 
  | Should I use some call back in this case, or does MC hide this race condition during upgrade (or redeployment)?
I would use callback.
e.g. callback on addProtocol(Protocol p)

Nope, MC doesn't explicitly handle that.
But if you would have proper dependencies, this would not matter.

"trustin" wrote : 
  | BTW, I still didn't figure out how to hide internal beans.  How can I
  | exactly do that?
Annotate your bean with @DeploymentScope and @ApplicationScope - via xml or directly on the class.
This will move the bean out of main Kernel(Controller) into a scoped one.

By default your scoped bean only 'sees' its scope and ancestors.
But you can 'change' the lookup order with @Search markup.
@Search takes type on how to search - currently only annotation support.
But you need to explicitly add SearchAnnotationPlugin - see the tests on how to do it.

"trustin" wrote : 
  | I'm also thinking about distributing a minimal JBossMC binary tarball
  | with my tutorial so that a user can play with MC more easily (i.e.
  | untar and drop the sample JARs etc etc).  I think it might help MC
  | adoption because people are really used to just downloading a Tomcat
  | tarball and dropping a WAR and see it working.  We already have
  | something similar in jboss-demos, but I think it needs to be a binary
  | form so that users can familiarize with MC quickly.  I can do this
  | while I write my tutorial.  WDYT?
I would add your example directly under mc-demos.
Simply create new netty sub-module and hack all the stuff there.

See my previous examples on how to do this, following the same concept.
Glue code:
 - bootstrap
 - jmx
 - classloading
Actual example code:
 - models
 - ioc
 - classpath

Then simply link the tutorial to that code.
Or even better, write a simple article about it at DZone,
could be even part of my MC series - more than welcome to 'host' it.

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