[jboss-user] orm based auth problem

haipeng du haipengdu at gmail.com
Thu Jan 29 11:29:51 EST 2009

I configure my web application with form based authentication. When I type
the url for protected page, jboss redirect to my login page. The problem is
that jboss renders my login page first and then invoke the request listener
and filter class. I have print out messages in my login page and listener
and filter classes and for sure messages were printed out first in login
page. If I just type login page url directly, messages were printed out
first in listener and filter classes. I try the same war file in jetty
server, it always has the right order: call listener, filter and then render
page. Do I need to change configuration to make it work or I need change my
code? I must call filter and listener first before rendering login Page. My
jboss server is 4.2.3.GA

Haipeng Du
Salt Lake City
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