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FrankTheTank do-not-reply at jboss.com
Tue Jun 16 11:14:02 EDT 2009

Thanks for the reply.
Yeah, I had tried that with my main NIC but it had not worked.
Now I seem to know why.

Besides the point that it seems we have to configure the cluster-service.xml for multi-homed servers (which will really be a killer for me) I had noticed the below issue:

Ok this is my setup:
two servers, both with two NICs @ 150.*.*.* (eth0) and 192.*.*.* (eth1)
Java 4.2.3 binding with

The cluster has a (nearly) unmodified setup.

  |    <mbean code="org.jboss.ha.framework.server.ClusterPartition"
  |       name="jboss:service=${jboss.partition.name:DefaultPartition}">
  |       <!-- Name of the partition being built -->
  | <!--      <attribute name="PartitionName">${jboss.bind.address}_${jboss.partition.name:DefaultPartition}</attribute>-->
  |       <attribute name="PartitionName">${jboss.partition.name:DefaultPartition}</attribute>
  |       <!-- The address used to determine the node name -->
  |       <!--attribute name="NodeAddress">${jboss.bind.address}</attribute-->
  |       <attribute name="NodeAddress">${jboss.bind.address}</attribute>
  |       <!-- Determine if deadlock detection is enabled -->
  |       <attribute name="DeadlockDetection">False</attribute>
  |       <!-- Max time (in ms) to wait for state transfer to complete. Increase for large states -->
  |       <attribute name="StateTransferTimeout">30000</attribute>
  |       <!-- The JGroups protocol configuration -->
  |       <attribute name="PartitionConfig">
  |          <!--
  |          The default UDP stack:
  |          - If you have a multihomed machine, set the UDP protocol's bind_addr attribute to the
  |          appropriate NIC IP address, e.g bind_addr="".
  |          - On Windows machines, because of the media sense feature being broken with multicast
  |          (even after disabling media sense) set the UDP protocol's loopback attribute to true
  |          -->
  |          <Config>
  |             <UDP mcast_addr="${jboss.partition.udpGroup:}" 
  |                  mcast_port="${jboss.hapartition.mcast_port:45566}"

Now the web server binds to the localhost & 150.*.*.* address.
Though using the ip directly is quicker.

I have rewritten my lookup mechanism and it now will scan through all public NICs and will try to connect over each of them using the partition name (NamingContext.JNP_PARTITION_NAME) and the NICs address (NamingContext.JNP_LOCAL_ADDRESS).

Currently the only working addresses are the localhost and 192.*.*.*

So services are binding to different interfaces.
Now if I disable the 192.*.*.* NIC on the server, I can easily connect via the 150.*.*.* NIC.

Just a heads-up since I will have to tackle the multi-homed limitation anyway.

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