[jboss-user] [JBoss Messaging] - Ordering Group and Queue-FullSize reload problem

mclu do-not-reply at jboss.com
Thu Jun 18 08:40:54 EDT 2009

Hi Howard!

Again me with a JBM OrderingGroup BUG.
Using newest Build of 1.4.5 (7304)

My test scenario:

- Client adds 500 Messages (Text with incrementing number) to a Queue.
- The Queue is set to
<attribute name="FullSize">50</attribute>
  | <attribute name="PageSize">25</attribute>
  | <attribute name="DownCacheSize">25</attribute>
- The handler is slower than the producer.
- On receiving side I see well ordered messages.

  | 14:20:12,234 INFO  [TestMessageHandlerBean] Got:176 mID:ID:JBM-475cc9ad-cbf7-4039-9fb5-8edf19d3d3c1
  | 14:20:12,250 INFO  [TestMessageHandlerBean] Got:177 mID:ID:JBM-f9f56a49-5d82-453a-80c7-9d850d090f73
  | 14:20:12,265 INFO  [TestMessageHandlerBean] Got:178 mID:ID:JBM-657effd8-3099-47bc-887c-fd4289009635
  | ...

But if I kill jboss while it handles the 500 messages (lets say at message 100) and restart it I see the following:

The rest(400) of the 500 Messages are in the Queue!
While starting jboss up the messaging system reloads the messages from the database. I can see that inside the table the first 50 messages have page_ord null and the others incrementing numbers.

Then it starts handling by continue at the last message.
101, 102, 103 and so on.

But while reloading messages after the fullsize barrier the order is scambled.

On my first test only one message/number was missing which was handled then after message 500
My second test all messages are fine and in order
My third test results in:
  | 14:20:16,265 INFO  [TestMessageHandlerBean] Got:208 mID:ID:JBM-c3d5eaa5-01aa-48de-b37d-f193f203fb49
  | 14:20:16,296 INFO  [TestMessageHandlerBean] Got:209 mID:ID:JBM-b0e4841c-4acb-487d-9c89-d0fa7045bb7e
  | 14:20:16,328 INFO  [TestMessageHandlerBean] Got:210 mID:ID:JBM-1a451bc1-c8a6-43f8-9bb6-e070fff2942a
  | 14:20:16,343 INFO  [TestMessageHandlerBean] Got:492 mID:ID:JBM-64b01947-59fb-4404-8e3a-3cae255fb91f
  | 14:20:16,343 ERROR [TestMessageKeeper] Number sequence is not ok. Expected 211 but was:492
  | 14:20:16,359 ERROR [TestMessageKeeper] Resetting to:492
  | 14:20:16,375 INFO  [TestMessageHandlerBean] Got:493 mID:ID:JBM-018565ac-4ed3-453c-84fb-14b7251062a4
  | 14:20:16,421 INFO  [TestMessageHandlerBean] Got:494 mID:ID:JBM-cfc1f42b-6c5d-4309-8e71-d3c39cd91866
  | 14:20:16,453 INFO  [TestMessageHandlerBean] Got:495 mID:ID:JBM-2f052b3a-e2c7-4c58-9615-b3bd299e8d9f
  | 14:20:16,468 INFO  [TestMessageHandlerBean] Got:496 mID:ID:JBM-42841e9f-cd32-4aa9-89d7-d0232edc9987
  | 14:20:16,500 INFO  [TestMessageHandlerBean] Got:497 mID:ID:JBM-aaf28cb8-6f1c-4e86-aac6-cee850440801
  | 14:20:16,531 INFO  [TestMessageHandlerBean] Got:498 mID:ID:JBM-cdfac31d-3b21-497a-8e44-c649c4aead0c
  | 14:20:16,531 INFO  [TestMessageHandlerBean] Got:499 mID:ID:JBM-3a2226c1-6375-49b9-baed-ca1945b41e02
  | 14:20:16,562 INFO  [TestMessageHandlerBean] Got:500 mID:ID:JBM-0e720c52-1eb9-4b77-9596-9d78e31031ff
  | 14:20:16,578 INFO  [TestMessageHandlerBean] Got:211 mID:ID:JBM-20ccaeca-f409-455a-b3b4-69519fd065e2
  | 14:20:16,578 ERROR [TestMessageKeeper] Number sequence is not ok. Expected 501 but was:211
  | 14:20:16,578 ERROR [TestMessageKeeper] Resetting to:211
  | 14:20:16,640 INFO  [TestMessageHandlerBean] Got:212 mID:ID:JBM-67d13844-da4b-4a75-a78c-707e7c1b0d9e
  | 14:20:16,718 INFO  [TestMessageHandlerBean] Got:213 mID:ID:JBM-84831294-f9d5-431d-982d-38994135c978
  | 14:20:16,765 INFO  [TestMessageHandlerBean] Got:214 mID:ID:JBM-e99d350a-f824-42a8-9536-d265a0babc9b
  | 14:27:34,453 INFO  [TestMessageHandlerBean] Got:215 mID:ID:JBM-41c58e16-fda5-449f-b508-a7c65f1f3d6e
  | ...

So it seams that the order is not garanteed anymore if the size of the queue exceeds the FullSize setting.
Is this a BUG?

By the way. I tested this Rollback Bug of OrderingGroup. This works now perferct! Good (and fast) Job :-)

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