[jboss-user] Why not use @IgnoreDependency all the time?

Lars Ræder Clausen lrc at amplex.dk
Fri Nov 6 08:37:09 EST 2009

Hello Jboss-users,

We're deploying a decent-sized number of EJB3 beans (about 400 beans, 900
injections) using JBoss 3.1.0 GA on Linux. Apart from the fact that it takes
several minutes to redeploy and leaks memory, there's one thing that got us

Whenever we find a cyclic dependency in our @EJB injections, we've found
that adding @IgnoreDependency solves the problems. Everything seems to work
fine with it. Which has led us to wonder: Why don't we just add
@IgnoreDependency to all our beans and never worry about cyclic
dependencies? What would go wrong if we did? If nothing were to go wrong,
would it be faster or slower at redeploying? Is there a way to disable the
whole cyclic dependency check altogether?

We're a little confused about what exactly happens to injections where
@IgnoreDependency are used.

Thanks in advance,
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