[jboss-user] get JMX data from JBoss via Ant or Maven?

torsten.reinhard at gi-de.com torsten.reinhard at gi-de.com
Mon Oct 5 05:57:41 EDT 2009


in our Continuous Build System we have some integration / regression 
tests, running against a deployed (JBoss) application.
All I know of this application is the JNP Url, which is always the same.

The directory, where this system is deployed is "dynamically" and created 
by concatenation of buildversion, port, database system and so  on, 
for examle: OurProduct_2.8.1.xxx_Oracle_Port_57080

Is there any way, to come from this JNP Url to the directory (path) where 
this system is running?
I need this information to copy the server.log files from there via scp 
for example back to the client, where the tests are running.

I know that I can get a lot of data from JBoss via the JMX Console - but 
how can I do this call(s) from within ANT or Maven?
Do i have to write my own Task or plugin?


Torsten Reinhard 
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