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"sebastian.s" wrote : 
  | I was reading the section about java activities and process variables in the userguide and wondering about some things.
  | In a java or a custom activity I could use
  | Object getVariable(String key);
  | to retrieve the values of process variables and then I could go use them as arguments for method calls.
First of all I'm not sure you can get to the executioncontext in the java task. You can in the custom tastk/node

"sebastian.s" wrote : 
  | But that means that if I changed the names of the process variables I would need to change the implementation of the java or custom activity, too. So wouldn't it be more convient to be able to specifiy process variables in the process definition which would be passed as arguments? So in case the process variable names changed just the process definition would need need changes but the java class wouldn't need to be touched?
  | I was also wondering why you can specify the method name for a java activity in the GPD but not the number of arguments.
For the java task you can pass arguments and use expressions for the value of the arguments. These can afaik be process variable names as well, so that solves one problem. The varying number of arguments is afaik dealt with by jBPM since it uses reflection to find the correct method signature. Not 100% completely sure though.

What you can also to in the java task is set member fields, put a list, xml document or whatever in there from the processdefinition and parse/use that in your java class. It's kind of what you mentioned in the dev forum when we talked about schema extensions. 


I was under the impression that something like the field thing for java tasks was possible as well for custom nodes, but that might be something left in my brain from jBPM 3 (or it might just be wishful thinking) as I do not seem to be able to find anything.

"sebastian.s" wrote : 
  | If I got it wrong I'd be happy for some clarifying words. If not this seems to turn out to be a discussion for the dev forum, right?

Regarding passing params to the custom node, yes.

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