[jboss-user] [jBPM Users] - problem with forks, nodes (abnormally) keep active.

paul.mcd do-not-reply at jboss.com
Tue Sep 15 10:17:33 EDT 2009

Hi all, I've got a rather complex workflow which involves several forks in hierarchy. You can take the code for reference.

The problem is when signaling the state "B.1.1", it's supposed to end this state and enter the next state "B.1.1.1"; but what really happens is "B.1.1.1" is activated and at the same time "B.1.1" still remains active. 

This odd thing happen to "B.1.2" as well; and they keep active so the whole workflow can't finish.

I've tested on both jbpm4.0 and 4.1 and found no luck.

Any suggestions?

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  | <process name="test_fork" xmlns="http://jbpm.org/4.0/jpdl">
  |    <start g="222,17,92,52">
  |       <transition g="-31,-22" name="to A" to="A"/>
  |    </start>
  |    <end g="172,848,48,48" name="end"/>
  |    <state g="211,100,92,52" name="A">
  |       <transition g="-31,-22" name="to B" to="B"/>
  |    </state>
  |    <state g="211,184,92,52" name="B">
  |       <transition g="-56,-22" name="to fork1" to="fork1"/>
  |    </state>
  |    <fork g="233,268,48,48" name="fork1">
  |       <transition g="-43,-22" name="to B.1" to="B.1"/>
  |       <transition name="to B.2" to="B.2" g="-43,-22"/>
  |    </fork>
  |    <state g="149,348,92,52" name="B.1">
  |       <transition g="-56,-22" name="to fork2" to="fork2"/>
  |    </state>
  |    <state g="273,348,92,52" name="B.2">
  |       <transition name="to B.2.1" to="B.2.1" g="-55,-22"/>
  |    </state>
  |    <fork g="140,432,92,52" name="fork2">
  |       <transition g="-55,-22" name="to B.1.1" to="B.1.1"/>
  |       <transition g="-55,-22" name="to B.1.2" to="B.1.2"/>
  |    </fork>
  |    <state g="16,516,92,52" name="B.1.1">
  |       <transition name="to B.1.1.1" to="B.1.1.1" g="-67,-22"/>
  |    </state>
  |    <state g="140,516,92,52" name="B.1.2">
  |       <transition g="-56,-22" name="to fork3" to="fork3"/>
  |    </state>
  |    <fork g="140,600,92,52" name="fork3">
  |       <transition g="-67,-22" name="to B.1.2.1" to="B.1.2.1"/>
  |       <transition g="-67,-22" name="to B.1.2.2" to="B.1.2.2"/>
  |    </fork>
  |    <state g="89,684,92,52" name="B.1.2.1">
  |       <transition g="-54,-22" name="to join1" to="join1"/>
  |    </state>
  |    <state g="213,684,92,52" name="B.1.2.2">
  |       <transition g="-54,-22" name="to join1" to="join1"/>
  |    </state>
  |    <join g="172,768,48,48" name="join1">
  |       <transition g="-46,-22" name="to end" to="end"/>
  |    </join>
  |    <state g="16,600,92,52" name="B.1.1.1">
  |       <transition g="90,771:-54,-22" name="to join1" to="join1"/>
  |    </state>
  |    <state g="279,432,92,52" name="B.2.1">
  |       <transition name="to B.2.1.1" to="B.2.1.1" g="-67,-22"/>
  |    </state>
  |    <state g="285,516,92,52" name="B.2.1.1">
  |       <transition g="354,801:-54,-22" name="to join1" to="join1"/>
  |    </state>
  | </process>[img][/img]

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