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"HornetQ RA integration"

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One more question about HornetQ RA,

We argued with tim on the number of session we must keep in our ManagedConnection to handle all use cases (esp. doing JMS work using a non-enlisted XA Session).

Currently, we have 2 sessions:
- 1 XA Session
- 1 regular JMS session which is transacted or not depending on the ConnectionRequestInfo

Tim argues that we need 3 sessions:
- 1 XA Session (to be used when doing work in a enlisted XA tx)
- 1 transacted session (to be used when doing work in a local tx)
- 1 non-transacted session (to be used when doing work from a XA Resource which is not enlisted)

What do you think about this?
Does the connection pool should have partitioned the managed connections based on their transaction types (and 2 sessions are ok)
or should we have 3 sessions and return the correct one ourselves?


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