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"Desperate for some documentation...please?"

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For JBoss in Action we (the authors) completely avoided Eclipse which is a good thing because how things are done in Eclipse has changed fairly drastically since we started working on the book. If you stick to using Eclipse as a text editor you should be fine. Also, you really need the JBoss Tools plugin to do web services for JBoss AS; if you don't have it then Eclipse uses Axis for web services, which will not work.

A previous poster pointed out the the EJB web service in JBoss in Action does not have an interface. You can see the discussion here:
hmm, can't find the discussion, i'll have to do some more digging and post the link later

*>>I keep getitng errors like "Invalid Port Type"*
Providing a complete stack trace would help. Port problems are unfortunately all too typical because of interactions with other applications. Also, if the issue is really with the "web service port", then the full source and configs for the app would help. Have you run the ant build for the examples in chapter 9? Did those work for you. I have verified that they run on JBoss AS 5.1.0. (By the way, make sure you get the JBoss in Action source code from the Subversion repository, it contains many fixes related to 5.1.0 that are not in either of the two ZIP files, see the wiki on the source code web site for more info)

*>>All the examples have values in their various annotations or XML config  files that are not clearly documented,*
Please indicate which values in JBoss in Action are not clearly documented, I'll be glad to supply the explanation.


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