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"Desperate for some documentation...please?"

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Hi Peter,

Well today I was able to make a very simple Web Service work, at least for a while, but then it broke again.  Basically, what I am after is as follows, since I do not yet believe that I have seen what I am really looking for, partly because I didn't even know how to ask the question properly until just today after spending more time wrestling with this thing.

What I really need is a comprehensive example of how to write a Web Service that accepts a SOAP message using Document/Literal, unwraps the XML payload and sends back a response.  A discussion of the tradeoffs between using WRAPPED and BARE parameters would also be helpful.  There are apparently several ways to pass the message to a service method, but to keep it portable I found a document that says it is recommended (I don't know by who) to use SOAPElement type, but then it says to use WSDL-to-Java method, which doesn't seem to work from Eclipse (top-down method), and it seems quite a bit messier from a code point of view, etc.  The problem with all the tutorials and the books I've seen is that none of them provide a comprehensive reference of ALL possible configuration values, along with explanation of when a certain setting should be used.  Apparently, you can send a SOAP message to the service as a Source, a String, or a SOAPElement, but the WSDL doesn't accept the SOAPElement type, and must have the type set to "anyType", but that gets converted to a Java "Object" type by the "consume.bat" utility and I don't know how to map the "anyType" to a SOAPElement type.

Perhaps I need a good book just on Web Services for JBoss.... is there such a thing?

Every single tutorial I have seen so far seems either too simplistic or it leaves something out, whether it is a configuration setting, a configuration file, an Annotation, or something else, and these bits that get left out are not easily known since the documentation online is always out-of-date.  Also, when a configuration setting is shown, it is often not documented as to why that setting is used, or the other alternatives are not documented so that an informed decision can be made.

Generally, this seems way too difficult for what it actually does.  Maybe it's not dificult for someone who already knows by memory all the config options, and how to use them all, but since many people (including me) are not in that boat, I think things could be a lot easier if only there was update-to-date, comprehensive examples for ALL the various ways that JBoss can be used, especially the most common ways like Web Services.

A comprehensive example of a full blown Web Service (all files needed) that accepts a SOAP Document from any kind of system, breaks it apart, does something with the data, and then constructs a return message, would be quite helpful.

Thank for very much for your help!


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