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"Test Driven Development (TDD) and Moving Forward with Less Technical Debt"

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Rodney, I've heard a few things from Nick and Max, but don't have enough details yet to suggest TestNG over JUnit.

Max says: "We will more likely use junit4 than move to testng…(unless the eclipse ecosystem changes or there are some massive good reason for testng)"

Nick mentioned that "considering we have the problem right now w/ tycho that the first test to fail == rest of the build fails", TestNG might help us. "TestNG’s trick of skipping, rather than failing, can really take the pressure off in large test suites. Rather than trying to figure out why 50 percent of the test suite failed, your team can concentrate on why 50 percent of it was skipped! Better yet, TestNG complements its dependency testing setup with a mechanism for rerunning only failed tests."

The JUnit 4 vs. TestNG comparison ( http://www.mkyong.com/unittest/junit-4-vs-testng-comparison/ http://www.mkyong.com/unittest/junit-4-vs-testng-comparison/) has some details in it as well.

My gut says that because Eclipse has such solid support for JUnit already, it's going to be tough to move away from it. And since we're already adding SWTBot testing into the mix, that's going to be enough to keep us busy and testing for a while.

But I don't have much in the way of evidence to back up my gut at this point.


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