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"Code generation for JBJCA"

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Hi, I would like to create code generation for JBoss JCA project.

To generate code and project configuration of JCA resource adapter. For the user, they can use this tools to generate JCA resource adapter project skeleton. That will include basic resouce adpater, managed connection factory, etc java files and ra.xml, plus ant build.xml file.
User can use this to input some configuration information and generate codes and use ant to package into rar file could be deployed into JCA container.

So far, it seems no other project could do this job. But there are some projects could generate codes of ejb.
We have 2 subtasks for this:
1. conclusion all important configuration in the rar package, like ra.xml properties, class filename, etc...
2. use template to write down the java source code and resource files

Phase 1:
1. use xml file as input file, user can edit this file to define configuration
2. module read from input file and get the variable tree (basic configuration)
3. apply the template to generate files (at first we can use simple write down output)
4. generate build.xml file, user can use ant the compile and package rar file.
5. standalone command line tool and ant task for this
6. JCA 1.6 annotation based and ra.xml defined
7. outbound/NoTx, Inbound&Inout/LocalTx/XA
Phase 2:
1. maven plugin and pom.xml
2. JCA 1.5 and JCA 1.0 profile
3. add more configurations
4. maybe use template thirdparty jar to improve the feature
5. add testsuite for generated code base on JBJCA test framework.
Maybe eclispe plugin


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