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I really need help on how to solve this problem! How do I get the expected behavior? Can it be done? Is it a bug?

*Short problem description:*
After restarting JBoss, pending messages on a durable topic will be put on DLQ. This is NOT what I expect. I want them to stay on the topic even after a restart.

*Background to my problem:*
I have a topic and two durable subscribers (two MDB's). One of the subscribers will try to deliver messages to a web service, which _can_ be offline. In that case, the MDB will throw an exception and the message will be redelivered later.

The problem is that when the web service is offline and I restart JBoss, all pending messages on the topic will be put on DLQ.

By default, the MDB will run 16 sessions in parallell, and these will stay "durable" even after a restart.

*An example:*
Before restart
- I publish 56 messages to the topic
- The web service is offline
- Subscriber 1 (the "web service" one) now has 56 pending messages
- Subscriber 2: 56 successfully processed messages, 0 pending messages
- DLQ: 0 pending messages

Result after the restart:
- Subscriber 1 (the "web service" one) now has 16 pending messages
- Subscriber 2: 0 pending messages
- DLQ: 40 pending messages

*My setup:*
- JBoss 4.2.3
- JBoss Messaging 1.4.4 (have also tried with 1.4.2 with the same result)
- Using a MSSQL database for persistance


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