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"Create a proxy of proxy"

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I'm using the following code to create a proxy:

public Object createProxiedInstance(Object originalInstance) throws Exception {
    Class<?> originalClass = instance.getClass();
    ProxyFactory factory = new ProxyFactory();


    factory.setHandler(new MethodHandler() {..});
    Class<T> proxyClass = factory.createClass();

    return proxyClass.newInstance();

It works fine if a pass a normal object. However, if I pass an object that is already a proxy (created by the same method, but with a different method handler), I get:

javassist.bytecode.DuplicateMemberException: duplicate method: setHandler  in com.mypackage.Bean_$$_javassist_0_$$_javassist_1

I could work this around by combining the method handler of the original proy and the one of the new proxy, but is there a way to make proxies of proxies, as if the proxies were normal objects?


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