[jboss-user] [jBPM] - Injected hibernate SessionFactory is not used by jBPM 4.3?

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Tue Apr 13 08:57:29 EDT 2010

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"Injected hibernate SessionFactory is not used by jBPM 4.3?"

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As sketched in my story above, jBPM *stores* the SessionFactory in the *"process-engine" WireContext* (see ConfigurationImpl), but *looks it up* in the *"transaction" WireContext*. In my simple view of life, that explains why it doesn't work. So I've overridden the ConfigurationImpl.setHibernateTransactionFactory() to store the descriptor *also* in the "transaction" WireContext, like this:

ProcessEngine processEngine = new ConfigurationImpl() {
     public ConfigurationImpl setHibernateSessionFactory(Object hibernateSessionFactory) {
          ProvidedObjectDescriptor descriptor = new ProvidedObjectDescriptor(hibernateSessionFactory, true);
          return this;

Now jBPM does use my injected SessionFactory (verified by doing the same debug session as described above; it's now obtaining the injected object wherever it's looking up a SessionFactory).

I'm not very familiar with the different jBPM WireContexts, so I hope a jBPM expert can take a look at my 'workaround', and say some smart stuff about whether this is can be considered a bug in the standard ConfigurationImpl, or whether I'm doing something dangerous here with nasty side-effects...

Thanks for your help,


ps: The problem described here:  https://community.jboss.org/thread/150582 https://community.jboss.org/thread/150582 remains. I now have one SessionFactory, but it's still not possible to run my own stuff and jBPM stuff in one single transaction.


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