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"Do I really lose automatic wsdl generation when I use WS-*?"

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I want to set up some webservices with WS-RM enabled. I read through the  http://community.jboss.org/wiki/JBossWS-NativeWS-ReliableMessagingTutorial community.jboss.org/wiki/JBossWS-NativeWS-ReliableMessagingTutorial tutorial, but it seems quite a mess for me.

When I create a simple webservice using @WebService and @WebMethod annotations, the WSDL gets automatically generated and accessible using HTTP GET requests. In order to enable WS-RM, I have to download that WSDL, modify it at two points, then put it in my project, then put an annotation on my service class to publish that wsdl file instead of generating one, if I get it well. So what do I do if the service changes? Do all this all over?

In case you haven't seen how it works with Netbeans+Glassfish+Metro: I just click 'Edit Webservice Attributes'  and enable Reliable Messaging by checking a checkbox. The IDE puts the necessary stuff in the xml-s, and glassfish webservices publish the proper WSDL.

I think jbossws should really be able to process eg. an @Reliable(deliviery=ExactlyOnce)  annotation on my service class.

Do I miss to notice something in the docs?
Thank you for your answers.
Gabor Farkas


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