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"Wrong JNDI context returned from EJB"

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The situation is little bit more complicated.
*First of all I need to verify if the following usecase is valid.*

There's a *EJB3Bean* web service bean
with the following DD. It defines *boolean1* env entry.


*      <env-entry>


There's a handler associated with this EJB3Bean

*@HandlerChain(file = "jaxws-handler.xml")
public class EJB3Bean extends AbstractEndpointImpl

   public String echo(String msg)
      return super.echo(msg) + ":EJB3Bean";


The content of jaxws-handler.xml is:

*      <handler-class>org.jboss.test.ws.jaxws.ejb3Integration.injection.shared.handlers.TestHandler</handler-class>
*    </handler>

This TestHandler tries to access both EJB3Bean and it's env-entry

public final class TestHandler extends GenericSOAPHandler {
*   @Resource private Boolean boolean1;
   @EJB private BeanIface bean1;*

Using global JNDI I'm able to fix @EJB injection.

*Question for EJB3 team:*
Do you think this JAX-WS handler should see env-entry of EJB3Bean?
That would mean required access to EJB3Bean specific JNDI context (the reason why we're using it instead of global JNDI).

I'll double check JAX-WS and EE6 specification for clarification, but would like to know your opinion  ;) 


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