[jboss-user] DevStudio and JBPM

Bender Heri hbender at ergonomics.ch
Wed Apr 14 07:38:59 EDT 2010


I am quite new to JBoss. I have installed the Developer Studio 3.0 doing some testing. I have ported successfully several of the seam examples (JSP) to EAR-Projects which were generated by the seam project wizard (xhtml with templates). I also succeeded in porting the TodoList example after a lot of try and error with the jbpm stuff, after having put the needed files to todoList-ear/EARContent folder (todo.jpdl.xml, jbmp.cfg.xml and hibernate.cfg.xml). If I put these Files in the top level project todoList (regardless if in the root or in the WebContent folder) the deploy fails with the error that the todo.jpdl.xml is not found.
Now I want to add a process definition to another EAR project (with the same structure). I tried the wizards in the new menu of the Developer Studio:
  - jBPM 3 Process Definition: The source folder obviously cannot be the XXX-ear project (like I managed above in the todoList example). Only the other sub projects are listed (XXX and XXX-ejb) when I click the browse button. Defining the XXX-ear folder manually then the error "Source folder is not valid" is shown.
  - jBPM 3 Project: The wizard ask for a jbpm runtime. No defaults. What the hell is this? Short search in Internet showed me the UserGuide of jBPM (http://docs.jboss.com/jbpm/v4/userguide/html_single/#d0e140) where the Getting started chapter describes the download and installation process of a whole new package, without mentioning JBoss Developer Studio or eclipse. But: Product description of JBoss Developer Studio notes that JBoss jBPM is fully integrated!.

What now? I am very confused what to do now. Shall I just copy the sample process definition file to my project XXX-ear and do all by hand? But what are the wizards good for?

It would be nice if someone could explain on this topic.

Heri Bender

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