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"How send mail to "starter" user"

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Thanks a lot for your answers guys!  :D 

But the question is... Can I do it without java code? only with forms (.flt) and processdefinition (jpdl.xml)?

My idea is in the starter form put any variable seems:

<input type="hidden" name="startUser" text=$getCurrentUser />

$getCurrentUser -> is the function/expresion that I'm searching.

And in the process definiton notification task put:

<mail g="166,258,115,45" language="juel" name="Mail">
          <to addresses=$startUser/>
          <subject>Task finished</subject>
          <text>The task that you start are finished!</text>
      <transition to="end"/>

It is Science fiction?  B-)   or you think that i can do anything?

Thanks for advance for your help!!   ;) 


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